EIM for the masses!

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How hard are your customers working for you? Admittedly, I’m asking an unusual question but, given that most of your customers have a powerful computer sitting idle in their pocket, I’m not sure that many companies are asking themselves this question.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is typically used to describe the wealth of technology and products that companies have purchased to efficiently manage the processing of all forms of customer data & communication from paper and digital to voice.  This allows companies to provide competitive customer service but often, there are high staff costs associated with the operation and maintenance of such systems.  Which got us thinking; is it possible to “outsource” some of this work to the customers?

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inovoo TOP Innovator 2018

inovoo top 100 preisverleihung

inovoo is TOP Innovator 2018. Now in its 25th year, Germany’s "TOP 100" competition again selected the most innovative companies in the German SME marketplace.

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That’s all, folks: The great big inovoo review of 2016

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Returning to work from our winter break, the inovoo team wishes you all the best for a happy, successful 2017.

But before we put the pedal to the metal and unleash all of our new ideas on the new year, we’d like to invite you to look back on the last twelve months with us. This post is all about our personal highlights of 2016.

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In this blog, I’d like to start by giving you an introduction to inovoo, and explain what we do.  In today’s real-time competitive world, many companies don’t have the bandwidth to maximise their full potential.  Basically, they’re just treading water until a window of opportunity opens up for them to leverage the investment inovoo has made in our world-class scalable mobile platform.

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Dealing with the post-vacation blues: How long has it been since you got on top of the email flood?

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We all need them. Most of us are probably longing for one right now. Yes, I’m talking about a vacation. After an exhausting series of projects and a stressful work routine, we’ve more than earned some time off. Quickly answer the last emails, turn on the auto-responder in Outlook and check the “complete” box. And away!

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20.11.2018 - 08:11
#HR-Prozesse genial digital gestalten: Arbeitsverträge, Reisekostenabrechnungen, Gehaltsdokumente und Urlaubsanträg… https://t.co/crDKpPtRjs

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05.11.2018 - 12:11
Mit einem zünftigen Weißwurstfrühstück hat #inovoo einen neuen Standort in Augsburg bezogen. Auf 700 m² sind nun di… https://t.co/Y6Q2N53Crn

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29.10.2018 - 13:10
Bändigen Sie die E-Mail-Flut – automatisieren Sie Ihre E-Mail-Verarbeitung: Melden Sie sich zu unserem nächsten kos… https://t.co/XEZwYYZIp0

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28.09.2018 - 15:09
#inovoo auf der #hackerkiste: Danke auch für viele tolle Inspirationen auf dem Hackathon! So macht Entwicklung Spaß!

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03.08.2018 - 04:08
RT @hackerkiste: Vielen Dank an @inovoo für die Unterstützung der Hackerkiste 2018 als Gold-Sponsor 😍😀 #hackerkiste #sponsoring https://t.c…

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