Bonjour Paris!

    • Paris was the place to be on 11/24/2015, as we and our French partner Aerow presented our mobile solutions. We welcomed representatives from French banks, insurance firms and telecommunications providers on board a boat on the Seine with an incredible view of the tricolor-themed Eiffel Tower for an evening with a real Parisian atmosphere.

    • Our partner Aerow is one of France’s best-established solutions providers in the fields of ECM, CRM and mobile. The young team, based on the Champs-Élysées itself, supports many well-known French businesses, including insurance firms, banks and – to name just one customer – the world market leader in cosmetics, L’Oreal.

      Visitors had an exciting presentation to look forward to, as well as a series of demos on the following subjects:

      • Introducing NOVO Mobile
      • Opening a customer (bank) account using a website and smartphone
      • Interplay between desktop, smartphone and tablet applications
      • Submitting relevant documents using a photo upload tool
    • Since digitization and mobility play a key role in France, just like anywhere else, participants showed great interest in what smart mobile business apps had to offer. Questions were asked and answered over a glass of red wine in the true French fashion, lending a convivial atmosphere to the evening amid the Parisian sea of lights.

      We are looking forward to what will no doubt be an excellent, collaborative and successful partnership with Aerow, and to many exciting projects in the French market.

      And who knows – maybe soon, it’ll be a case of “Bonjour Paris!” again…

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