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    Write about a subject that you are passionate about, a relative once advised me. He’s since travelled around Europe, written a book about it and secured his first publishing deal, so I think that his advice was probably quite valuable. He’s passionate about travelling around Europe and I’ve done quite a bit of that, but the similarity ends there.

    Like many people I work with on a daily basis I can’t claim to be passionate about business travel because to me, it’s simply a means to get from A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible. 

    Similarly, the joy of visiting the beautiful city of Munich in Germany, where we have our head office, comes not from experiencing the wonderful Bavarian architecture and views of the Alps but from fruitful meetings with my colleagues and our lovely EMC Partner Manager, Catherine Weiss.

    Well, that and the German beer. And the Oktoberfest.

    During the long working day, we may discuss all aspects of Enterprise Content Management and take great pleasure from the knowledge that our Captiva and AX implementations are cementing inovoo’s growing reputation as a reliable EMC partner and provider of outstanding business process solutions.

    But it’s during the evenings that I become truly passionate; just perhaps not in the way one might imagine. Like any true Englishman, I know that English “real ale” is the best in the world but it’s my duty to further my knowledge of European beer in order to educate my German colleagues, who mistakenly believe that their beer is the world’s finest.

    The situation has become more complex since we signed a partnership with Metasource, our North America distributor of inovoo’s technology. As we Europeans already know, our American colleagues have recently developed a taste for beer with flavour after many, many years of drinking something closer to cold, carbonated water.

    This is great news for them, but it adds to my workload when I visit the US on business because of the additional research I have to carry out before I can provide my colleagues with the education they desperately require (a process made all the more challenging by the simple fact that they don’t yet acknowledge this fact).


    It was during my last visit to Metasource’s head office in Philadelphia that I provided a short training course for some of my colleagues, in the offices of the Yards Brewing Company.  The course was attended by senior Metasource employees, a member of their Strategic Advisory Council and one of my colleagues from our head office in Munich, and I think it lasted for quite a few hours (but I can’t be sure).

    As we were discussing the business potential of extending ApplicationXtender to the mobile workspace, using NOVO Mobile (of course), I experienced a revelation that it was possible to make direct comparisons with EMC’s Enterprise Content Division technology and beer.

    No, really. Please, just give me a chance – I want to try and make this work.

    NMenglish10 v2 2Brewery

    EMC’s Enterprise Content Division is a giant brewery that is accessible to partners through the Business Partner Program. All of the equipment, tools and advice is available to partners who wish to use their own recipe for their customers.

    Bottles v Draft

    Brewery products such as Documentum and Captiva can be purchased for on-premise use, or consumed on-tap via hosted platforms.


    In addition to mass-produced products such as Captiva and Documentum, partners craft brew their own certified “solutions” such as inovoo’s NOVO Mail and NOVO Mobile, to be tasted alongside complementary products like Metasource’s hosted AX solution, MetaSTOR.


    All of the products are made from the finest ingredients by skilled craftsmen, but over-consumption of the wrong product can lead to headaches later on. It’s always best to follow the advice of product experts before purchasing large numbers of licenses.


    Should you become confused, tired and emotional as a result of choosing the wrong product or being strongly advised to purchase fewer licenses, support is available from brewery staff to ensure that you safely reach your destination.

    Further Information

    So, there you have it. This is probably the first (and the last) time you will have had your attention drawn to the fact that there are so many similarities between the world of Enterprise Content Management and beer. Before reading this blog you also probably didn’t fully appreciate just how passionately I have been working to educate my colleagues, often without thanks or recognition for my commitment.

    For those of you who wish to learn more, my next training course will be held at the Sin City bar in The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, during EMC World. It will cost you a pint to join.

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