• In this blog, I’d like to start by giving you an introduction to inovoo, and explain what we do.  In today’s real-time competitive world, many companies don’t have the bandwidth to maximise their full potential.  Basically, they’re just treading water until a window of opportunity opens up for them to leverage the investment inovoo has made in our world-class scalable mobile platform.

      But we’re not just swimming in a red sea of simple apps; that kind of blinkered approach wouldn’t work in the New World of Big Data and the exciting opportunities presented by the digital transformation of critical business processes.

      Allow me to speak plainly and simply.

      If your employer pursues adoption of BYOD and you utilise a SSO for either a VM or locally installed SQL DB, optimal efficiency in the workplace is clearly not a pipe-dream.  Leaving firewall issues aside for a moment (best avoid THAT pitfall J), the workload continuity scenario realised in this type of environment is not just blue-sky thinking.  To put it succinctly, it’s a hybrid methodology thought process that offloads the overkill of dedicated clients to pursue the goal of true portability.

      Let’s face it, at the end of the day you can’t deliver mobile-enabled resilient ECM or CRM with DOS or a legacy Windows OS and hope to avoid the blue screen of death. Fortunately, the EMC ECD portfolio delivers blue-sea solutions that operate as true SaaS in a cloud-enabled, analytics-rich environment and size-wise, the possibilities of this scenario are endless! To make this easier to understand I have prepared a short PowerPoint (only 87 slides), but has anyone got a mini display port to HDMI adaptor I can borrow?

      Are you still paying attention?

      If you are, you either work in Marketing or, like me, you have a customer-facing role and need to cut through all this jargon so that customers can actually understand what your company is offering. 

      So, like the young Mormons I saw at Salt Lake City airport last week, I’m putting on a suit and going on a mission overseas. The difference is that my mission will be to preach the benefits of jargon-free communication. 

    • Thomas (CEO) and Gary (Business Development Director) in Salt Lake City - Visiting our partner MetaSource
    • In 2 weeks’ time I’ll be at Momentum Barcelona, where marketing buzz-words abound and the world will be seen through a dazzling display of PowerPoints.  But on the inovoo booth, we’ll show you how to cut through the jargon and keep things simple as we announce our LEAP integration with AX and the NOVO platform for automated A/P approval and workflow, either on-premise or in the cloud and, of course, on mobile.

      Oh *#@!, I’ve started doing it again already!

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