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Dealing with the post-vacation blues: How long has it been since you got on top of the email flood?

Berge 2

We all need them. Most of us are probably longing for one right now. Yes, I’m talking about a vacation. After an exhausting series of projects and a stressful work routine, we’ve more than earned some time off. Quickly answer the last emails, turn on the auto-responder in Outlook and check the “complete” box. And away!

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The Contact Center of 2020 - Pipe dream or proven technology?


Customer service managers agree: the customer service field is becoming more valuable and more complex. Modern customers are smart: they educate themselves, and they interact and react using the channels they prefer – and increasingly, as recent studies have shown, those channels are digital.

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11.10.2019 - 07:10
Save the Date: Unsere AMMERSEE COMMUNICATION DAYS gehen am 17. und 18. Juni 2020 in die nächste Runde. Diesmal begr… https://t.co/Yuh96rZloY

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11.10.2019 - 05:10
RT @Wilken_Software: Wie könnte eine ideale App-Welt aussehen? Was könnte man nutzen, was existiert schon und wie sieht der Weg dorthin aus…

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07.10.2019 - 05:10
Digitalisierung von vorne – Input-Management als Schlüssel zur Automatisierung https://t.co/hgkeb2lfNF

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25.09.2019 - 06:09
Digitalisierung von vorne – Input-Management als Schlüssel zur Automatisierung https://t.co/uzZy4SWohc

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11.09.2019 - 08:09
AUS DER PRAXIS: Erfahren Sie hier, wie die Janitos Versicherung @janitos_de auf Basis der Software-Lösung NOVO CxP… https://t.co/VFMf0k6SSE

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