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EIM for the masses!

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How hard are your customers working for you? Admittedly, I’m asking an unusual question but, given that most of your customers have a powerful computer sitting idle in their pocket, I’m not sure that many companies are asking themselves this question.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is typically used to describe the wealth of technology and products that companies have purchased to efficiently manage the processing of all forms of customer data & communication from paper and digital to voice.  This allows companies to provide competitive customer service but often, there are high staff costs associated with the operation and maintenance of such systems.  Which got us thinking; is it possible to “outsource” some of this work to the customers?

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11.10.2019 - 07:10
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11.10.2019 - 05:10
RT @Wilken_Software: Wie könnte eine ideale App-Welt aussehen? Was könnte man nutzen, was existiert schon und wie sieht der Weg dorthin aus…

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07.10.2019 - 05:10
Digitalisierung von vorne – Input-Management als Schlüssel zur Automatisierung https://t.co/hgkeb2lfNF

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25.09.2019 - 06:09
Digitalisierung von vorne – Input-Management als Schlüssel zur Automatisierung https://t.co/uzZy4SWohc

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11.09.2019 - 08:09
AUS DER PRAXIS: Erfahren Sie hier, wie die Janitos Versicherung @janitos_de auf Basis der Software-Lösung NOVO CxP… https://t.co/VFMf0k6SSE

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