Walking tall at EMC World

    • When I opened the curtains each morning a few weeks ago, Donny Osmond was staring through my bedroom window.  This was quite traumatic for me because apart from the fact that Donny is not my type, he’s one of “the few” people that my wife has said she would leave me for.  As you can imagine, I feel quite fortunate that the rest of “the few” are not lined-up next to Donny each morning.

      Readers of a certain age will, at this point, be remembering with mixed emotions a diminutive teeny-bopper who had a massive hit with the song “Puppy Love” in 1972 at the tender age of 14.  Well, you’ll be interested to know that he appears to have grown a little since then; according to the view from my bedroom window, I estimate he is now approximately 170 feet high (52 meters, for our metric readers).

      OK, I confess: it wasn’t the REAL Donny Osmond - just a giant poster on a hotel building.  But last month, I was attending an event in a city where it’s often difficult to determine just what “real” means; Las Vegas has, once again, been the host for the annual EMC World, which also incorporates the EMC Momentum event for customers and partners of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD). 

    • Every morning as I waved goodbye to Donny, my walk to work took me away from Caesar’s Roman Empire via the Colosseum, past tropical islands with erupting volcanos and battling pirate ships, across the Rialto Bridge and alongside the Grand Canal (complete with singing Gondoliers) to St Mark’s Square in Venice. 

    • EMC World is….big.  Figures vary, but eWeek report that almost 20,000 people attended last year’s event.  Despite this however, it’s quite easy to feel involved because in addition to the major sessions, which just about everybody attends, there are many different breakout sessions for smaller, specialized groups.  There are also plenty of opportunities for one-on-one meetings with EMC execs and potential partners that make the event well-worth attending for an EMC partner like inovoo.

      Innovation Award & Project Horizon

      This year was the fourth Momentum event that inovoo have attended and, in fact, the second time that we have been presented with an EMC Innovation Award.  Our first award was for NOVO Mail, back in 2012, and this year NOVO Mobile received a similar award.  Both of these products are EMC Certified Solutions, which means that they have both been assessed by EMC technical panels and acknowledged as products that are approved for use alongside EMC’s own ECD solutions.

      In addition to the Innovation Award presented to inovoo for NOVO Mobile, EMC also announced the launch of “Project Horizon”, the Next-Generation Content Platform for Digital Enterprise that EMC describe as a “mobile-first, cloud-first mindset delivering a next-generation, multi-tenant content platform”.

      Project Horizon is, in fact, built on exactly the same concepts as inovoo’s existing NOVO Framework technology.  Customers of NOVO Mobile can already select the functionality they require for their business and, to use EMC’s terminology, utilize content-centric Modules or "Tiles" that can be used standalone or integrated into solutions.

      The good news for inovoo customers is that they will also soon have the choice to plug inovoo’s “Tiles” into EMC’s Project Horizon platform, built upon Pivotal CF and offering a choice of cloud deployments, thanks to EMC’s Co-Innovation Program that allows certified partner solutions to be part of Project Horizon.

      During the event, EMC also brought us up-to-speed with the planned enhancements in the next release and up-coming additional functionality in the Captiva Mobile Toolkit, which NOVO Mobile both complements and extends.  All of the new functionality planned for Captiva and the rest of EMC’s ECD product stack will be genuinely useful to our customers in the near future, as we make it accessible through our NOVO Framework technology.

      Attending EMC World again and learning about Project Horizon reminded me what a great product portfolio inovoo has and how being an EMC partner means that we can offer true enterprise solutions to our customers and partners.  From a personal perspective, being able to represent inovoo at the event and receiving our second EMC Innovation Award made me feel 10 feet tall – not quite as tall as Donny of course, but perhaps tall enough to help me stay married!

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