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  • inovoo presents new data hub

    NOVO CxP enables intelligent digitization across all channels

    Who hasn’t dreamed of something like this? Efficient digitization of time-intensive administration work. Rapidly and provably increasing black-box processing by up to 20%. All thanks to a future-proof software solution that’s easy to integrate—and that lets you manually configure workflows as needed. Too good to be true? Not at all: the new NOVO CxP platform from inovoo makes all of this possible.

    Multichannel management at its best: innovative software provider inovoo has once again met its goal of efficiently managing the flow of information across all channels with its latest release, NOVO CxP. An EIM platform, NOVO CxP receives structured and unstructured data and documents across a wide range of channels and in a wide variety of formats, analyzes its content and hands it over to downstream processes in a standardized fashion.

    “Sometimes, what we do can sound unremarkable,” said Thomas Schneider, CEO of inovoo GmbH, based in Inning, Germany. But one look at the potential savings and opportunities presented by NOVO CxP is enough to impress anyone. “For example, we can achieve automation rates of 75-80% when digitizing incoming mail.”

    A real-time 360° view of the customer

    Schneider knows what he’s talking about. inovoo has now been active within the market for 15 years, during which time it has specialized in developing multichannel solutions which are easy to implement and provide the required finesse for the age of digitization while still remaining easy to use. “Our platform receives all incoming information from all kinds of sources, then uses sophisticated technology to analyze its content and structure it into a complete customer record. That’s a real plus for businesses with high levels of B2C contact, who see their workloads lightened and their customer communication made more efficient as they gain a real-time 360o view of their customers.”

    A toolbox with finesse

    With this solution, inovoo offers a toolbox that allows users to individually design workflows from scratch. “Our customers’ individual specialist departments can quickly model and snap together their own unique processes,” promised Schneider, adding, “and without having to set up a huge new IT project each time.” Alternatively, the customer can rely on turnkey solutions built with inovoo’s own extensive specialist subject know-how—whichever they prefer. One thing is clear: the customer can enjoy real independence, since there is no need to involve inovoo for each new task. Instead, they can rapidly implement it themselves, saving time and—of course—money.

    A concrete example

    Here’s one great example: NOVO CxP makes it possible to complete digital declarations of accession to statutory health insurance providers, with the customer instantly and automatically receiving their personal welcome package right away—without any human intervention whatsoever. This makes the NOVO CxP platform ideal for email archiving (with automatic classification); processing mobile insurance documents or digital invoices; automatically archiving and indexing Office documents; Office integration for archiving and indexing digital documents; or a wide range of other applications.

    NOVO CxP can convert almost any input format into a standard PDF, TIFF or PDF/A 1-3 file. Optimal conversion is particularly important when it comes to incoming digital documents, so that the process can run automatically while ensuring optimal document quality and standardization for further processing.

    In short, NOVO CxP provides the ideal basis for businesses in a wide range of sectors to survive in an age of digital revolution without losing any of their media. As Schneider notes with a wink, quoting Charles Darwin: “It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt.”

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    Intelligent digitization across all channels

    The basic principle behind NOVO CxP is based on processing incoming information. NOVO CxP expands classical input management to add multichannel functionality, conversion, artificial intelligence, self-learning content analysis techniques, mobile components and output options. NOVO CxP processes incoming information and hands it over to specialist processes, making it an exchange platform for all forms of data.

    NOVO CxP automates email processing within a business. Group mailboxes are automatically processed, while NOVO CxP helps process and archive personal emails using an Outlook plugin or Office documents using an Office plugin.

    NOVO CxP offers a range of options for extracting relevant information from a wide range of documents, files and data, either using keywords, OCR technology and language recognition, either from PDF forms or from unstructured or incomplete text. A combination of these techniques is essential for newer forms of digital communication, since most authors place less value on the clarity of their language in these formats than when using traditional forms such as hand-written letters.

    NOVO CxP is capable of running as a client, allowing multiple business processes to run in parallel. Individual processes can be manually started or stopped. Import and export functionality makes it easy to transfer processes from one system to another.

    NOVO CxP runs on local servers or in the cloud, and its service architecture means it can be operated as SaaS. NOVO CxP workflows can be integrated into existing solutions as the primary workflow (using a C# interface) or as sub-workflows. As an open platform, NOVO CxP provides an interface for integrating with other solutions.

    inovoo is offering interested parties the opportunity to learn about NOVO CxP’s integration options and upgrade pathways (including example applications) on April 18, 2018 in The Squaire in Frankfurt. For more information, visit

    MetaSource Selects inovoo for EMEA Dedicated Support

    MetaSource, the largest distributor of ApplicationXtender (AX) in the world, is excited to announce that it has selected inovoo as its dedicated sales and technical support partner for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. This will enable MetaSource resellers in EMEA to benefit from localized sales and technical support resources for ApplicationXtender solutions and inovoo's own NOVO family of products.

    Additionally, MetaSource's MetaStor product (AX in the cloud) will be available for the EMEA region and offer cloud-based archiving and workflow solutions built around ApplicationXtender and Captiva software, plus inovoo's NOVO Mail and NOVO Mobile.

    Adam Osthed, MetaSource President and CEO said, "We are excited to collaborate with inovoo and their talented team. They will provide a strong local resource for our resellers in the fast growing EMEA market."

    Jim Nelson, Worldwide Head of Partner Business, Enterprise Content Division, Dell EMC said, "We are very happy to see great companies like MetaSource and inovoo working together and are proud that Springboard, our partner-to-partner networking program, has helped connect these organizations for the benefit of our customers."

    Founded in 2003, inovoo is a leading European provider of products and solutions for SMEs and large enterprises. By linking Input and Output-Management efficiently with the business processes, inovoo provides integrated customer communications across different media and channels. Most recently, inovoo's latest NOVO Mobile solution won the EMC Innovation Award 2015 for "Best Capture Solution."

    Thomas Schneider, inovoo CEO added, "We are very pleased to be selected by MetaSource as their primary support operation in EMEA, which is a reflection of the strong relationship between our companies. Cloud-based solutions are quickly becoming the preferred choice for customers in EMEA and the MetaSTOR solution, combined with inovoo's localized products and support, will provide a faster ramp-up for MetaSource's increasing number of resellers in this region."

    About MetaSource

    MetaSource is a technology driven provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Business Process Management (BPM) services integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), workflow solutions and customer experience processes to meet our clients' goals and objectives. We service a variety of industries through our global network of SSAE 16 SOC2, PCI Level 1 and HIPAA compliant processing centers, employing over 800 employees worldwide.

    New dimension reached in mobile invoicing

    Invoice Booster enables fast, convenient smartphone-based invoice submission, approval and processing

    inovoo GmbH is expanding its product portfolio to include an innovative invoicing app known as the Invoice Booster. The application dramatically simplifies invoice processing, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and now also reduces the workload for accounting staff as well.

    The Invoice Booster allows the user to either use their smartphone or tablet's camera function to photograph a paper-based invoice, or load one into the app from another mobile application such as an email or messenger client. The OCR software then automatically reads out the invoice data and transfers the extracted information directly to a form within the application. Here, the user can check the accuracy of the data one more time and correct it if necessary. If all details are correct, the invoice is approved within the app itself and forwarded to the appropriate downstream systems such as the company's archive or a workflow manager like EMC ApplicationXtender.

    Marc Drögsler, Product Manager at inovoo, said, "With the Invoice Booster, businesses of all sizes can now standardize and simplify their invoicing processes. Our NOVO Mobile platform does more than just reading invoice data. Beyond this, we are also able to establish connectivity with back-end systems, and businesses can use the Invoice Booster to integrate even smaller offices into their digital processes."

    Employees can also use the mobile archive to access additional documents or business processes anywhere, at any time. This integrates additional fields beyond invoicing into the digitization process.


    Press Release Invoice Booster

    inovoo GmbH appoints Aerow Digital SAS as first international reseller

    inovoo GmbH is delighted to announce that Aerow Digital will represent and implement inovoo’s solutions in France.  Aerow’s appointment as an inovoo partner is part of a strategy to expand inovoo’s market presence in a controlled process, through the appointment of skilled and carefully selected partners.

    Founded in 2003, inovoo is a leading European provider of products and solutions for SMEs and large enterprises. By linking Input and Output-Management efficiently with business processes, inovoo provides integrated customer communications across different media and channels. Most recently, inovoo’s NOVO Mobile solution won the EMC Innovation Award 2015 for Best Capture Solution.

    Aerow Digital is a subsidiary of Aerow and is based in Paris, France.  The company has over 200 employees and specializes in consulting and Content Management Solutions.  Over the last 11 years, Aerow has expanded internationally with subsidiaries in the Benelux region, Switzerland and Mauritius.  Aerow Digital’s expertise is in helping companies to transform their business processes through the use of Input and Output-Management solutions and CRM.

    Gary Hodkinson, inovoo’s Business Development Director, said “Aerow have a solid reputation and presence in the French marketplace and their expertise in ECM implementations makes them a perfect partner for inovoo’s mobile and process automation solutions in France.  We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them and will be demonstrating our first joint solution in Paris this November.”

    Thierry Saunier, General Manager of Aerow Digital, said “We are pleased to offer our customer a quick, safe and efficient path to digital transformation, using inovoo’s NOVO Mobile technology.  This agile solution will not only enhance our customer’s existing business processes but will also create new end-to-end customer experiences.”

    Press Release

    MetaSource Adds European Partner inovoo


    Inning am Ammersee - MetaSource is excited to announce the inclusion of inovoo to its family of resellers. The addition of inovoo marks the first MetaSource ApplicationXtender (AX) dealer in Europe. This relationship will allow the German Company to begin offering AX to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) market, as well as opening up North America to the entire lineup of inovoo products, like NOVO Mail and NOVO Mobile

    MetaSource und inovoo

    From left: Thomas Schneider (inovoo CEO), Mario Duckett (MetaSource Vice President), Marc Drögsler (inovoo CTO)

    Adam Osthed, MetaSource President and CEO said “This is a big moment for us at MetaSource. This partnership gives us instant access to the competitive EMEA market and instant credibility because of how well respected inovoo is in the space. Add to that the ability to offer the terrific inovoo solutions here in the US… we couldn’t be happier.”

    Founded in 2003, inovoo is a leading European provider of products and solutions for SMEs and large enterprises. By linking Input and Output-Management efficiently with the business processes, inovoo provides integrated customer communications across different media and channels. Most recently, inovoo´s latest NOVO Mobile solution won the EMC Innovation Award 2015 for Best Capture Solution

    Thomas Schneider, inovoo CEO mentioned “I am very glad about the partnership with MetaSource. MetaSource has a deep understanding of the American market and the local customer demands. Therefore the Product Management is absolutely sure, that linking inovoo´s products and AX will represent the perfect solution for the digital transformation and business processes, we will jointly implement in USA and EMEA.”


    Press Release

    NOVO Mobile wins EMC² Innovation Award 2015 for Best Capture Solution

    Inning am Ammersee, 05/07/2015. NOVO Mobile has been awarded the "Innovation Award for Best Capture Solution" at this year's EMC2 Momentum event in Las Vegas.

    EMC2's team of experts were well and truly convinced by inovoo's new solution. NOVO Mobile was recognized as an outstanding solution and a real innovation in the fields of solution development, design integration and best practice in development and implementation.


    Chris Mc Laughlin web

     (Foto: Chris Mc Laughlin, EMC Chief Marketing Officer bei der Preisverleihung in Las Vegas)


    “Everything is changing”, said Thomas Schneider, CEO at inovoo. “The market, customer demands, society itself. With NOVO Mobile, we want to let businesses step up to new challenges, adapt to current trends and impress customers.”

    NOVO Mobile is a solution for fast, digital, cutting-edge customer dialog, distinguishable by its clear focus on customer self-service. As well as integrating customers' information and documents into existing business processes and IT environments, using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the innovative software also allows businesses to open up an additional communication channel that customers love. This allows the business and the customer to interact with each other in new and efficient ways: exchanging documents using a personal mailbox, carrying out business-relevant activity, or signing contracts with a digital signature. And best of all, everything is handled through a single app.

    "As content management moves from the first to the third platform, we are heavily reliant on our partners to develop and implement innovative solutions that will help our customers get there efficiently,” said Jason Capitel, Chief Revenue Officer, EMC Enterprise Content Division. “We’re thrilled to recognize inovoo for its visionary approach to NOVO Mobile.”

    inovoo has maintained an intensive partnership with EMC since 2003 and is a Captiva Platinum Partner and a Consulting Preferred Partner (C3P) for Captiva. Our years of collaboration on all levels, including management, sales, product development, consulting, engineering and support, has made it possible for our team to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


    Download the Press release:

    NOVO Mobile – the digital dialog platform

    The digital world is changing fast – Forrester estimate that global shipments of smartphones alone will reach $30 billion in 2015, and as companies struggle to keep up with this change they often feel overwhelmed by the perceived effort required to bring legacy IT up to date in order meet the changing demands of their customers.


    NOVO Mobile is an innovative and unique product that addresses this demand, while making it easy for companies to retain their existing IT infrastructure and open a new digital communication channel with their customers.

    • easily integrates with your existing input management system, turning it into a Multi-Channel Solution
    • enhances your contact center by adding integrated chat services to your existing CRM system
    • ensures that you have a complete view of all communication with your customers
    • compatible with all ERP, DMS, archives and workflows
    • multiple business process can be addressed 

    NOVO Mobile’s communication channel incorporates an instant “always-on” chat function, enabling customers to instantly communicate with companies in a way that they feel comfortable with.  Images of documents or photographs relating to insurance claims can be created by the customer, instantly passed through to the business process for e.g. OCR and classification and then returned to the customer for validation of the captured data.
    Companies can also initiate conversations with their customers through NOVO Mobile by sharing documents, surveys and even accepting digital signatures made on the customer’s mobile device (using NOVO eSign).
    In summary: NOVO Mobile is a seamless, self-service dialog platform between companies and their customers.
    Features at a glance:

    • Photograph documents and send them to the business process
    • Contact customer service via chat
    • Manage documents stored in the cloud
    • Pay bills, authorize transfers
    • Exchange documentation
    • Self-service customer account information editing (e.g. address, ‘phone number)
    • Contract signatures

    With NOVO Mobile, companies can improve communication with their customers and benefit from increased customer satisfaction & lower per-customer service costs.  And the best part?  You configure NOVO Mobile the way YOU want it, to suit your business needs.  Because it’s not just a bespoke mobile application, the services you want to supply to your customers are simply “switched-on and off”, as and when you need it.
    More detail is available on our website at