TOP Innovator 2018

  • Now in its 25th year, Germany’s "TOP 100" competition again selected the most innovative companies in the German SME marketplace. This year, one of the innovation leaders chosen is inovoo GmbH. This was the result of the analysis of Prof. Dr. med. Nikolaus Franke, the scientific director of TOP 100.  As a mentor of TOP 100, Ranga Yogeshwar honored the Inning-based company together with Franke GmbH and compamedia GmbH on June 29, 2018 at the award ceremony in Ludwigsburg, Germany, as part of the 5th German SME Summit. In the independent selection process, inovoo and its 25 employees was chosen because of its innovative solutions for customer communication.

    Since its foundation in 2003, inovoo GmbH has specialized in the digitization and automation of business processes, developing apps that significantly simplify communication between large corporations and their end customers. inovoo was the first company to implement an app for a health insurance company that allows patients to photograph relevant documents via a smartphone, then forward them directly to health insurance providers or authorities.

    "With our 25 employees, we develop all our solutions exclusively in-house and in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation," emphasizes CEO Thomas Schneider. With this approach, the TOP 100 company is also setting standards in automated e-mail processing. For a large organization, inovoo has implemented a system that automatically processes the daily flood of around 3,500 customer e-mails, including content analysis. This saves time for the company, and the customer receives feedback much faster when compared to manual email processing - a classic win-win situation.