Automate your business processes and digitize your customer communications

  • You want to intelligently automate your business processes? With our AI-based software solutions, including robotic process automation (RPA) technologies, you can truly automate your business processes with quantifiable savings potential.

    Efficient automation can save you time and money. Consequently, you benefit from high data quality and transparency in your company eliminating media breaks and costly data silos.

    • Input Management

      Your data is valuable - with our solutions you automatically gain valuable information from unstructured data and documents - with little effort. Machine learning makes it possible with automated content recognition in the palm of your hand.

    • Enterprise Apps

      Are you looking for an app that enables you to communicate with your customers and successfully digitize and optimize business processes? Increase your success with our professional mobile enterprise apps, which dramatically reduce development time / costs.

Our Solutions

    • Multi-Channel Input Management
    • Automated Email Processing
    • Automated Invoice Processing
    • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows
    • Individual App Development
    • Solutions Health Care
    • Solutions Insurance
    • Solutions Finance
    • Solutions Ecommerce

Your Advantages

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85% Time Reduction

Automate your business and reduce lengthy processing times by up to 85%.

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80% Automation

Eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks and increase your efficiency.

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Time to market

Reduce project completion times by 70% and get started quickly.

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Employee Cost Savings

Relieve employees of the hassle of routine tasks for more value-added work.

  • Icon Uhr

    85% Time Reduction

    Automate your business and reduce lengthy processing times by up to 85%.

  • Icon Aufsteigend

    80% Automation

    Eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks and increase your efficiency.

  • Icon Absteigend

    Time to market

    Reduce project completion times by 70% and get started quickly.

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    Employee Cost Savings

    Relieve employees of the hassle of routine tasks for more value-added work.

Efficient EIM enables high productivity

  • bpm rpa novo cxp
  • inovoo is your experienced partner for efficient Enterprise Information Management (EIM). We turn content into knowledge and use our platform NOVO CxP (Communication Exchange Platform) to get the most out of your documents, content, and data. With RPA technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), NOVO CxP digitizes your communications across all channels (letter, fax, email, whatsapp, chat ...). Recurring routine tasks are done automatically.

    You simply and effectively optimize your entire input management and business processes. You quickly implement powerful workflow management. You benefit from more transparency and considerable time and cost savings. Your employees are freed up to perform more valuable work.

    Intelligent, AI-supported software solutions from inovoo provide sophistication and clarity. The information hub NOVO CxP helps companies with high B2C contact and enables them to communicate with their customers much more efficiently. The result is a 360° view of your customers in real time.

How does the digitization platform work?

  • NOVO CxP is the foundation of a tailored Enterprise Information Management solution in your existing IT system environment - in your data center or in the cloud.

  • With NOVO CxP you save time and money by automating your processes and seamlessly integrating communication with customers and business partners into your electronic files, specialized applications and legally compliant archiving.

  • With NOVO CxP, you gain valuable data and digital content from documents through powerful text recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which then are available to your employees and business processes anytime, anywhere.

  • With NOVO CxP, your employees benefit greatly from automation, find crucial information immediately, and focus on what's important.

  • With NOVO CxP, you eliminate media disruptions by avoiding the emergence of paper documents through digital and legal signatures.

Mobile enterprise apps for the digital real-time dialogue

  • gkv app
  • As a value added service we develop professional mobile enterprise apps that successfully map and efficiently improve business processes according to your vision. You optimize your customer and employee communication and increase your success!

    Smart Process App with added value - with our software solutions NOVO Mobile and NOVO App Studio, development time/costs for app creation can be drastically reduced. We can also implement complex functions and integrate connections to your backend systems.

    Apps developed by us enable you to integrate information and documents from your customers into your existing business processes using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. All this is implemented quickly and easily - be it in the implementation, the use or the subsequent required support.

    This opens up a communication channel that is popular with your customers. You thus offer customers efficient interaction options, such as a document exchange via the personal mailbox, the execution of business-relevant activities up to the signature as well as a fast and digital dialogue with your specialists. A real added value for your customers.

How do mobile process apps work?

  • Your app depicts individual business processes and can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes. Put business processes in the hands of your customers. Easy and fast. Increase your business performance, interaction with your customers and your branding with mobile apps developed by us.

  • Our software solution NOVO Mobile is not just an innovative mobile platform for hybrid apps, but an enterprise solution for expanding your multichannel offering. NOVO Mobile is an extensive dialogue platform. With high added value for all involved.


    • t100 20 trophaee 333x347
      inovoo innovation leader 2020

      For the 27th time, the TOP 100 competition selected the most innovative companies in German SMEs. One of these innovation leaders this year is inovoo GmbH again. This was the result of the analysis of the scientific director of TOP 100, Prof. Dr. med. Nikolaus Franke.

      In the independent selection process, we particularly impressed in the categories "External Orientation / Open Innovation" and "Innovation Success". This is the third time that we have made the leap into the innovation elite see also more information on TOP Innovator 2020).

    • auszeichnungen ems 2018 278x378
      App by inovoo wins Gold Award

      The :::bitkasten App, which was developed by inovoo and distributed by, convinced the jury during the Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018 and was awarded the title "GOLD" in the category "Customer Experience & Services". The awards recognize innovative and successful enterprise mobility projects.

      inovoo offers a valuable base with the products NOVO Mobile including NOVO App Studio - paired with excellent expert and industry know-how. With these very software we built the :::bitkasten App, which enables interactive and digital communication between companies and customers, but also between companies and their employees. The ::: bitkasten App aims to absorb process floods, streamline and optimize processes, and intelligently integrate new processes into existing IT infrastructures.

    • auszeichnungen trustedapp 378x378
      "Document Direct" app from inovoo receives "Trusted App" seal of approval

      The "Document Direct" app developed by inovoo GmbH for the Siemens Health Insurance Fund (SBK) receives the seal of approval "Trusted App". The certificate confirms that the app for iOS and Android complies with the data protection and data security guidelines in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and is thus absolutely secure.

      With the "Trusted App" certificate, mediaTest and TÜViT (TÜV NORD GROUP) certify the trustworthy compliance with data protection and data security guidelines in relation to the allowed and unauthorized data exchange of the app with external servers. The "Trusted App" seal is given to smartphone apps that are trusted to handle sensitive user data and can be safely used for payment and other transactions.

    • auszeichnungen momentum barc 378x378
      Excellence in Design Integration for ApplicationXender

      inovoo has been recognized with a Partner Innovation Award by the Dell EMC® Enterprise Content Division (ECD). inovoo and other winners were announced at Momentum Europe 2016.

      inovoo’s Invoice Booster for ApplicationXtender, based on inovoo’s award-winning NOVO Mobile platform, was awarded the Best Design Integration Solution for excellence and innovation in solution development, design integration, and best practices for implementation and deployment.

    • auszeichnungen emc2 278x378
      NOVO Mobile wins EMC² Innovation Award 2015 for Best Capture Solution

      EMC²'s team of experts were well and truly convinced by inovoo's new solution. NOVO Mobile was recognized as an outstanding solution and a real innovation in the fields of solution development, design integration and best practice in development and implementation.

      "As content management moves from the first to the third platform, we are heavily reliant on our partners to develop and implement innovative solutions that will help our customers get there efficiently,” said Jason Capitel, Chief Revenue Officer, EMC Enterprise Content Division. “We’re thrilled to recognize inovoo for its visionary approach to NOVO Mobile.” inovoo has maintained an intensive partnership with EMC since 2003 and is a Captiva Platinum Partner and a Consulting Preferred Partner (C3P) for Captiva. Our years of collaboration on all levels has made it possible for our team to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

    • auszeichnungen industriepreis 378x378
      inovoo receives Industriepreis 2012

      This year, inovoo won the "BEST OF 2012" award for its product NOVO Mail.

      The Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH uses the INDUSTRIEPREIS to highlight companies with particular financial, social, technological and ecological value.

      The software solution NOVO Mail allows any company that uses email to reliably integrate both personal email addresses and group emails (such as into its business processes. This means that many diverse communications structures can be consolidated together, placed in a revision-safe archive and integrated into transactions.


    • Ulrich Geuss
    • Success Story

      Ulrich Geuss, Vorstand Janitos Versicherung AG
      "Our staff is seeing enormous reductions in their workload. Thanks to NOVO CxP we can release 20 employees from time-consuming manual work, leaving them free to work on other tasks, like supporting complex specialist customer communication processes, that software solutions cannot yet do."


    • home news xitrust 450x250
      New partnership with XiTrust

      Many companies have meanwhile managed to digitize numerous processes. But everyday there are pitfalls that brake out here. An example is the subject of signatures and releases, which often still lead to an analogous existence, cause media discontinuity and force the grip on traditional paper. That does not have to be. This is remedied by the intelligent networking of the NOVO CxP platform from inovoo and the XiTrust MOXIS digital signature folder. We are very excited about this new partnership.

    • news janitos
      New partnership with Janitos

      inovoo and Janitos insurance group have begun a new strategic partnership! As part of our new collaboration Janitos corporation will now be using the inovoo intelligent communications platform NOVO CxP to automate all of their input management processes. Incorporating robotics automation and artificial intelligence in workflow processing, the newly designed software solutions at Janitos significantly increase productivity across all major corporate divisions. HR, claims processing, accounts payable, etc.

    • news em awards 2018
      inovoo app awarded Gold

      The NOVO Mobile branded :::bitkasten app, which was developed by inovoo and distributed by Output.AG, overwhelmed the panel of judges during the Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018 and was awarded with "GOLD" in the category of "Customer Experience & Services". The award recognizes innovative and successful enterprise mobility projects.

      We are very happy about this prestigious award! And once again, this reinforces our belief that inovoo offers the best in class mobile products. We would be thrilled to help you solve your problems with our innovative solutions! For more info, please contact us.


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