The Platform for your Business Process Automation

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  • The powerful platform NOVO CxP (Communication Exchange Platform) offers more than just Input Management:
    Smart technologies such as multi-channel, workflow management and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as self-learning methods (machine learning) enable content analysis and automation of your business processes.

    The intelligent software solution is modular and can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment.
    So digitize efficiently and save yourself time-consuming routine tasks as well as tedious processing.


    NOVO CxP extracts valuable data from scanned and digital documents with its integrated tools, covering the following document types:

    - structured files with content data (forms, applications, returns...)
    - semi-structured files (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
    - unstructured free-form documents (e-mails, contracts...)

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    NOVO CxP offers various options for extracting relevant information from different documents or data for process-related assignment and automated processing. This information is obtained via the best process in each case, such as text analysis with machine learning (AI), OCR, free-form and form extraction.

    Fuzzy search is able to detect, extract and complete required personal or content data from scanned and digital documents via intelligent database matching. This functionality can be used with the Smart Data add-on module, which delivers valid results and success rates of 90% in automatic data recognition and customer mapping thanks to sophisticated algorithms.


    Extracting data through document and content classification is at the heart of NOVO CxP. By means of long-time proven AI, documents can be trained easily and efficiently: This shortens project runtimes enormously and your departments can directly contribute their process know-how to your solution.

    Highly efficient tools such as machine learning, semantic, hierarchical, statistical, barcode and keyword analyses enable the perfect assignment of documents and data to the document type and business process. Depending on the input channel or document type such as e-mail, scanned letter or form, NOVO CxP always uses the right tool for the best result.
    And if the system should ever not be sufficiently sure, humans can always intervene and assign manually.

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    Realize end-to-end processes, maximum automation through RPA technologies, content-based routing, and full process and archiving compliance - allowing your staff to focus on your customers to the maximum.

    NOVO CxP offers integrated workflow functionality from input to output - easily modelable via drag & drop. Operate any workflow configuration in parallel and outsource recurring functions to sub-workflows. This simplifies the operation and use of individual services.

    Thanks to the open architecture of NOVO CxP, all object data is available to you at any time so that all data can support your process control. Manual test options, automatic deployment and a web-based monitoring console round off your view of the system.


    Integrating NOVO CxP into your IT system environment couldn't be easier. NOVO CxP offers a wide range of options for connecting your data center components and also services (in-house/cloud/hybrid).

    Of course, interfaces to leading systems such as BITMARCK, camunda, Governikus, IBM, Microsoft, opentext, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, WILKEN, XiTrust and many more are available to ensure a smooth flow of your automated processes.

    All process steps and modules log a variety of information as well as the associated data of the respective task for complete transaction security. These analyses can be integrated into your cross-company reporting system. For example, you can directly view details around processing time, degree of automation, etc.

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