Step-by-step to Digitization with IDP

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  • inovoo offers you a three-step model that supports you in the step-by-step automation of your processes. This turns digital transformation into a business strategy that allows you to flexibly adapt increasing requirements to your company's capacities. Exactly at the rate and speed you need.


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    Do you still have many analog documents that need to be scanned and forwarded? With our solution for the Scan/Capture of images you are optimally prepared for the challenges for the challenges associated with digitizing analog documents thanks to OCR and validation options.

    And for the retention requirements according to TR-ESOR and TR-RESISCAN, we integrate the appropriate signature solutions - for your secure digitization.

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    Whether e-mails from Microsoft Exchange, data in almost any format or electronic faxes - we process your data and e-mails automatially, e.g. for archiving or internal distribution - in the right format and at the right place for you. 

    You need a special format or want to convert mass data? We have a solution.

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    Your customers are mobile? Offer them a Photo Capture App for fast document transfer and easy integration into your business processes. 

    This is how you ensure efficient and qualified customer service.


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    To automate business processes, you need an easy-to-use platform: route your data and documents through workflows and sub-workflows across the enterprise. Extract valuable data from scanned and digital documents. Have your data optimally prepared and arrive in the desired final format at the right places in the company.

    This is how automated end-to-end processes are created.


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    Whether forms, invoices or completely unstructured dokuments: Tedious typing of content data from scanned documents or emails is simply a thing of the past. 

    Extract valuable data with OCR und AI algorithms from scanned and digital documents and automatically extract data through various search terms, rules and templates.

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    Recognize documents accurately and assign them to the respective business process and responisble person - that would be great, right?

    Have incoming emails including attachments or documents classified rule-based, statistically and semantically. Even different topics in e-mails can be automatically identified by machine learning. Sounds very technical, but artificial intelligence takes over for you, making your processes intelligent quickly and easily.

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    Validate, enrich and complete recognized data and information against reference databases such as ERP or CRM systems - that is intelligent data matching

    With a success rate of 90% you get maximum accuracy. This is because a so-called "fuzzy search" automatically assigns even scattered, incomplete or incorrect information to the right customer or transaction.