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    Wouldn't it be tedious to first classify documents manually, then separate them or extract data from documents manually? That's no problem for AI !

    In a fraction of a second, a trained AI recognizes whether an incoming document is an invoice, a delivery bill or another document. Document separation or the extraction of images and text with subsequent analysis is also a breeze. And if, despite all the possible automation, you prefer to double-check yourself: Simply control documents out according to a frequency you specify and let a human check. The degree of automation is entirely in your hands!

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    "Configuring instead of programming" - that is the idea behind Low Code. Do you need a quick solution according to your ideas, but don't want to redesign everything from scratch? Thanks to the modular and graphical structure of the inovoo solutions, specialist departments can also design their own process - without turning it into a huge project. This gives you maximum independence, speed and flexibility - the costs remain low.

    And if you need a turnkey solution, we'll go the extra mile for you: Our experts will find the solution you need.


    APIs enable the integration of new applications into an existing architecture. For you this means: inovoo solutions can be connected to your existing enterprise applications with little effort.

    Whether SOAP or REST: By providing a large number of content services and APIs, your applications that are already in use can benefit from inovoo solutions. Optimize the processes of your ERP or CRM platform as well as your specialist applications - we will always find a connection.


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    RPA enables front and back office processes to be automated. Repetitive routine operations like copying data, filling out forms or extracting structured and semi-structured data from documents - all this costs massive resources.

    Ensure efficiency now and deploy your employees for more value-adding work because NOVO CxP can take that off their hands!




    Your business data is the backbone of your business processes. After all, did you know that around 80% of all business data is embedded in unstructured formats such as emails, images or PDF documents? With the NOVO CxP platform, you transform unstructured and semi-structured information into usable data.

    Intelligent use of machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and image recognition makes automatic processing of your documents a breeze. With inovoo's solutions, you can automatically capture, extract, and process data from a variety of document formats for true end-to-end business processes.



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    There is real automation potential here! With the NOVO CxP workflows, you can use graphic design methods for process modeling, regardless of whether as a main workflow or a sub-workflow for any existing solutions.

    Regardless of the input channel and format: Benefit from the dynamic control of the process flow through the results achieved by the content analyzes. Interact directly with the connected systems - this is truly intelligent process automation.