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An all-in-one document management, workflow & archiving system

EMC ApplicationXtender® is a web-based real-time document management system which allows users to digitally view, edit, manage and store all types of business content such as documents and information. It replaces existing

paper-based processes with digital ones and is accessible to all employees from a single central location. The results: Faster processes, increased employee productivity, significant cost reductions and fast decision-making.

ApplicationXtender Components

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ApplicationXtender can be used in a wide range of business departments and divisions within a company. It helps meet the individual challenges that

each department faces, including automatic compliance with technical and functional requirements, security standards and company guidelines.


The software’s processing functions, such as searching for documents and viewing, editing or sending them, are based on the latest Microsoft Office

functions, eliminating the need to provide additional training to employees.

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ApplicationXtender can be understood as an ECM platform which groups of individuals can use to process incoming documents and information. For example, multiple employees can work together on a document within a virtual

library, exchanging information and keeping the document up to date in its latest version. This simplifies communication and reduces processing times dramatically.

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Integrates into existing IT processes

  • Archive emails with NOVO Mail (intelligent email management)
  • Archive emails as well as classifying them (by document type) and extracting the relevant metadata (e.g. sender name, email address, etc.)
  • Photograph documents with NOVO Mobile (smart process app) and store them along with relevant metadata (e.g. first name, last name, etc.)
  • Photograph invoices with NOVO Mobile. Metadata is extracted using OCR and passed back to the app. Once the invoice is approved (by checking a box), it runs automatically through the accounts payable workflow.
  • Scan documents with EMC2 Captiva. Relevant metadata is also classified (by document type), extracted and handed over to ApplicationXtender.

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Overview of Advantages

  • Multi-client capability
  • Quick to implement, easy to manage
  • Usable for a range of industries and business departments
  • Direct, centralized access to stored documents, reports and information
  • User-friendly operation / intuitive navigation
  • Integrates easily into existing business applications without requiring additional programming work
  • Web-based administration and licensing
  • Remote management
  • Comply with storage and deletion requirements, compliance regulations
  • First-class global document management solution
  • Faster ROI for a wide range of business departments
  • Increased efficiency thanks to direct processes
  • The same user experience across a range of browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox)
  • Compliance with legal regulations thanks to direct access to content
  • Integrates into existing applications
  • Web-based system and interface through RESTful services
  • Highly scalable

ApplicationXtender Downloads

AX 8.0 Fact Sheet.pdf