Data Extraction

  • Labor intensive and tedious capturing of content data from scanned documents or emails is a thing of the past. NOVO CxP extracts valuable user data with the integrated tools from different kinds of documents:

    • Structured files with content data (forms, applications, returns ...)
    • Semi-structured files (invoices, orders, etc.)
    • Unstructured free-form documents (emails, contracts ...)
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  • NOVO CxP offers various options for extracting the relevant information from different documents, files or data. Data can be extracted using various search terms, rules and templates in the document. The fuzzy search of data by means of matching against existing data is an option that clearly supports the extraction of the desired content.

    The fuzzy search is able to recognize, extract and validate the person or process information required from scanned and digital documents via an intelligent database comparison and to validate it against existing systems - even with scattered and incorrect information. This functionality can be used with the add-on module NOVO Smart Data, which, thanks to sophisticated algorithms, delivers valid results and success rates of 90% in automatic data recognition and customer assignment


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