Connection of Input and Communication Channels

  • As a multi-channel platform, NOVO CxP offers numerous possibilities for automated processing of documents and information.

    • NOVO Scan - module for scanning / capturing of image documents

      • Multiple scan profiles
      • ISIS and TWAIN control
      • Thumbnails
      • Multistream in color and SW thumbnails
      • Patch Code separation
      • Barcode recognition
      • Blank-Page

      For the unique storage requirements like TR-ESOR or TR-RESISCAN, NOVO CxP offers special configurations for scanning in a closed loop. Note: These protocols are specific to German markets security and protection.

      learn more about NOVO Scan

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    • email import 4
    • Email import (Exchange / Office 365)

      NOVO CxP integrates perfectly into the Microsoft Exchange world. Emails are automatically picked up from MS Exchange server mailboxes. There are various connection options to perfectly match your requirements. E-mails from Lotus Notes can also be processed in NOVO CxP.

    • File Import

      Documents and data can be imported in almost all formats with the associated metadata. In addition to live process documents, this service is also suitable for document / archive migrations. You have a special format? Contact us.

      Fax Import

      Electronic faxes can be imported into the system in different ways. As a direct pickup from the fax server or as a file import.

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    • Website access

      NOVO CxP fully accepts data entered in websites. These can be imported directly as a document or data record and edited according to the required format. Save yourself the time and effort of converting to email or printing the web content.

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    • WhatsApp Interface

      NOVO CxP can receive WhatsApp messages directly. With the NOVO CxP WhatsApp interface, messages from your customers can be integrated directly into your business processes.

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    • Database interface

      NOVO CxP supports all many database interfaces.

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