Turn Mountains into Molehills

  • NOVO PDF Compression offers fast compression functionality with the possibility to reduce incoming documents to a minimum size with maximum quality. So you need only 1/10 of the original memory space while maintaining the same quality.

    As a result, PDF (/ A) files in various formats (TIFF, PDF/A1, 2 and 3) are available to the customer. Typical file sizes for scanned documents from 6 to 7 MB per page are compressed to approximately 60 to 100 KB. Colored documents in PDF/A 2 format are thus often smaller than previous black and white documents and minimize the required storage space enormously.

    Emails often contain documents or images in high-resolution form, which in today's IT architecture faces almost insoluble or non-process-compliant challenges due to email sizes of often 30 MB and larger. The Compression module provides the ability to color-produce highly compressed documents that require little memory and high quality.


Your Advantages

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    Reduced size

    All document types (also "born digital") can be extremely reduced - without loss of quality.

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    Low storage space requirement

    You get a high quality compressed file, but you only need a small amount of memory.

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    The solution is applicable in input, output and email management as well as in the field of mobile communication.

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    Higher color quality

    Get higher color quality than traditional compression techniques.