Automatically identify incoming documents

  • Document chaos? - NOVO Smart Classify accurately identifies the content and matches the documents directly to the appropriate business process and administrator.

    NOVO Smart Classify classifies incoming e-mails and their attachments using rule-based, statistical and also semantic classification. The classification takes place directly on the Coded Information (CI) on a purely electronic level. email headers, body and attachments are examined and image documents and text information are analyzed.

    In addition to the creation of rules and regulations, there is the possibility of "trainable classification". Based on the document content, the system is taught how to be efficient. This avoids the implementation of complex rules and regulations and the documents and their contents quickly become a customized classification project.

    • Eduard Grün — Project manager

      „Up to 8,000 transactions scanned and processed per day and a customer response within 24 hours.“

    • Klaus Preitschopf — Central Archive Manager

      „Faster, more efficient document processing – around 1 million documents per year!

Your Advantages

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    High classification rate

    You reach an average classification rate of over 80 %.

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    Time savings

    You save a great deal of time by eliminating manual assignment.

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    Reduction of staff costs

    Your staff workload will decrease and your costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

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    You can independently and easily train document classes yourself