Automatically recognize Data and Assign to Customers

  • Achieve 90% success rate - Sophisticated searching tools mean that even spread out, incomplete or incorrect information is captured and assigned to the right customer.

    NOVO Smart Data is what we like to call “An intelligent data synchronization”. Documents and information recognized by OCR are cross referenced and synced against database repositories, e.g. Inventory, ERP, or CRM systems data can be utilized during validation.

    This also applies to digital data from e.g. E-mails and their attachments where the required person or process information is reliably identified, extracted and checked - even with scattered and incorrect information (unstructured data). For while there are clear rules and DIN standards for the structure of letters (recipient and sender address, subject line, etc.), this information is often scattered within an e-mail’s "body" and must be manually searched by the administrator and be extracted.

    Even with documents that can not be accessed with traditional methods, NOVO Smart Data is able to deliver valid results thanks to sophisticated algorithms and data extraction techniques.

    • Eduard Grün — Project manager

      „Up to 8,000 transactions scanned and processed per day and a customer response within 24 hours.“

    • Klaus Preitschopf — Central Archive Manager

      „Faster, more efficient document processing – around 1 million documents per year!

Your advantages

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    85% time savings

    By significantly reducing manual rework, you can reduce lengthy process times by up to 85%.

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    90% increase in efficiency

    Achieve an efficiency increase of up to 90% through intelligent search in all media and existing databases.

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    360° customer view

    Achieve a 360° customer view by centralizing data retrieval in millions of datasets.

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    Reduction of personnel costs

    Your staff will be freed and your personnel costs can be reduced by up to 50%.