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Sign documents on your mobile device

Processed in full at the point of sale




  • Digital/biometric signature for concluding transactions – use a special stylus or your finger
  • Convert data to PDF/A format and transfer to processing systems
  • Encrypt signatures for secure transmission
  • Integrates with existing input management processes

Advantages to your business

  • Sign contracts faster
  • Reduce processing costs thanks to more efficient business processes and information logistics
  • Supported by all mobile end devices – smartphone and tablets
  • Optimize service quality
  • Easily integrates with and embeds into your existing business processes
  • Cost-effective input channel (“Green IT”)
  • Complete everything on your mobile device
  • Sales process becomes more efficient and cost-effective

Advantages to your customer

  • Fast, mobile, flexible contract signing
  • Global, everywhere
  • Processed fast and in full

Target group

Businesses with a high level of B2C contact, in industries as diverse as insurance, banking, energy, logistics, retail and many more.

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