Mobile enterprise apps for the real-time digital dialogue

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  • In the focus: Digitization of processes

    The intelligent software solution NOVO Mobile provides a secure, mobile dialogue platform to link and automate data- and document-based business processes with powerful backend systems via an app. Customers or employees can use apps that are an attractive, fast, and simple communication channel with a high level of service.

    The innovative solution maps individual company processes in the areas of B2B, B2C and B2E and can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes. NOVO Mobile offers customers efficient interaction options, such as secure document and data exchange via the personal mailbox, the execution of business-relevant activities up to the legally valid signature as well as a fast and digital dialogue with your specialists.

    You automate and accelerate processes and significantly reduce administration and output costs. Customers or employees access self-service functions via an app and, within a very short time, make direct and non-disruptive interactions with their specialist application.

    The result: Efficient digital processes, accelerated transactions, and optimized customer service places business processes in the hands of your customers or employees. Easy and fast.

    The NOVO App Studio complements the NOVO Mobile platform, which makes it easy to create, modify and maintain mobile apps. This "kit" makes collaboration between departments and developers very easy. Real time savings and added value for all sides.

NOVO Mobile - Facts

    • Short development times

      Benefit from short development times and get started quickly with your app - our NOVO framework and the NOVO App Studio make it possible.

    • Time savings through low code

      Working together quickly and simply: Thanks to Low Code, business users and developers can jointly model apps graphically and test them immediately.

    • Great flexibility

      Thanks to NOVO Mobile you do not need a tremendous initial development effort. Apps created by us have a modular structure, the content is easy to customize.

    • Easily integrated

      Apps created with NOVO Mobile can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing apps and infrastructures.

Functions of NOVO Mobile

  • Only one developmental step

    With the integrated Microsoft technology xamarin, NOVO Mobile enables the development of IOS and Android apps in one development step. This cross-platform development saves time and at the same time increases the quality.

  • Many interfaces

    NOVO Mobile serves a variety of interfaces to common systems such as SAP, Microsoft, WILKEN, OpenText, IBM, Salesforce, Governikus, XiTrust, etc. as well as the common databases MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL.

  • Hybrid app

    The result: The perfect combination of native app with the addition of existing web content (so-called hybrid app) offers the user the application where he wants to use it - on the mobile device.

Standard construction kit shortens project introduction

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  • With the NOVO App Studio development environment, individual apps based on a standard kit can be easily created, modified and maintained. This makes app creation possible in a few days - there are no long project periods and you do not need any programming skills.

    The NOVO App Studio extends NOVO Mobile with a component that allows the department (together with an IT architect) to implement graphical design and changes, as well as workflows and functionalities, with ease. Inventory systems can be easily connected.

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Your Advantages

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    • Time-to-Market

      You start 80% faster with your apps (compared to a traditional app project).

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    • Time savings

      Eliminate manual, time-consuming activities to save costs. Lower administration and output costs.

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    • Cost savings

      Save 70% on the cost of ownership and ownership over traditional app development.

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    • Low code

      Thanks to our low-code approach, you can develop professional solutions faster than ever before with little programming effort.

The use of NOVO Mobile is worthwhile

  • Extremely reduced time expenditure

    NOVO Mobile reduces the development time for the creation of an app by 70% through existing modules in the range of functions. You can access a variety of ready-made services and interfaces.

    The big plus point is that the need for coordination between the specialist area, marketing, IT and development is extremely minimized, since all parties involved are optimally connected with each other during the conception, realization and operating phase by means of a design studio.

  • Mapping workflows easily

    NOVO Mobile can easily mobilize business processes. You can map workflows on the go and place certain processes in the hands of users. The app interacts with your backend systems (CRM, ERP, workflow, specialist applications ...).

    Top priority: Users benefit from simplicity and speed. Perfect self-service: users can do as much as they can and do not have to wait long.

  • High safety standards

    NOVO Mobile offers maximum security for user data through the best possible encryption of communication and data - proven by annual safety tests of independent companies. Digital Identity Access Management (IAM) can be easily integrated into NOVO Mobile apps and secures the digital identities of your users.

    In addition, your data will never be stored in the app, but will be sent via encrypted data transfer directly to the data center. Unauthorized persons thus have no possibility to access sensitive data.

  • Role-based apps

    NOVO Mobile can provide different, cross-role services. Depending on the authorization and the role of the user, different app contents are made available dynamically. This allows each user to get exactly the information they need along with centralized data and processes according to the user's role (e.g., customer, broker, company).

    Meet and exceed the expectations of your customers for a modern customer communication.

  • Dynamic & investment safe

    NOVO Mobile offers a high degree of flexibility and can be expanded dynamically. Thus, NOVO Mobile is an investment-safe solution, with which you can often implement the training effort yourself, while you are independent of the service provider. This saves costs.

    • Oliver Krause — Head of "digital service window" project

      “It seems like our customers were really expecting selfservice functionality from us. At least, that‘s what we are realizing from the rising number of registrations and the number of people using our BMW BKK app.”

    • Christian Gericke — CEO

      “With inovoo’s solutions, we have invested in a highly scalable digital platform whose proof of concept demonstrates satisfied customers and rapid growth. It’s a solution for digitally transmitting and processing previously paper-based processes in a 100% secure format."

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