• Mobile enterprise apps for the digital real-time dialogue

    Added value hybrid apps - NOVO Mobile is not just an intelligent software solution for mobile enterprise apps, but an efficient extension of your multi-channel offering.NOVO Mobile is an extensive dialogue platform. With high added value for all pages.

    The innovative solution maps individual company processes in the areas of B2B, B2C and B2E and can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes. Put business processes in the hands of your customers or employees. Easy and fast.

    The customer accesses certain self-service functions via your individual app and makes various interactions within a very short time independently and without media disruption. The result: accelerated transactions and optimized customer service (example: synchronization of customer records). There is no more process chaos.



  • With the NOVO App Studio development environment, individual apps based on a standard kit can be easily created, modified and maintained. This makes app creation possible in a few days - there are no long project periods and you do not need any programming skills.

    The NOVO App Studio extends NOVO Mobile with a component that allows the department (together with an IT architect) to implement graphical design and changes, as well as workflows and functionalities, with ease. Inventory systems can be easily connected.


    • Paying an invoice
    • Sending evidence to e.g. an insurance firm (e.g. doctor’s note, car repair invoice…)
    • Altering personal contact details
    • Altering bank details
    • Car insurance application (content recognition / inputting driver’s license details)
    • Comparison calculator
    • Negotiating, signing and extending contracts
    • Sending company and product news
    • Photographing your electricity meter to provide a reading

Advantages to your business

    • Faster reaction times, increased efficiency
    • Reduced processing costs thanks to more efficient business processes and information logistics
    • Support for all mobile platforms
    • Optimized service quality: customize communications to meet your customer’s expectations – living in the moment
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Avoid record fragmentation
    • Easily integrates with and embeds into your existing business processes
    • Modular approach to meet the needs of your business/sector
    • Cost-effective input and output channel for direct customer dialog (“Green IT”)
    • Process everything on mobile
    • Self-service offerings synchronized between web portal and mobile device
    • Cost-effective, efficient customer care

Advantages to your customers

    • Direct dialog allowing fast, flexible mobile communication
    • Chat functionality allows direct responses: global, anywhere
    • Offers synergy to the customer by storing personal digital records
    • Fast, full processing and responses

Target group

  • Businesses with a high level of B2C contact in sectors as diverse as insurance, banking, energy, logistics, retail and many more.

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