Simplicity is the key

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  • The NOVO App Studio is an addition to the NOVO Mobile platform, with which one can easily create, change and maintain mobile apps with added value. Layout changes can be made quickly and easily without programming. In this way, the wishes and needs of various customers can be implemented in no time at all. iOS and Android are supported and updated in one low code development step.

    In addition, business processes in the backend can be connected to the digital app in order to offer a fast communication channel with a high level of service.

    The user interface of a mobile app can be created with the NOVO App Studio. For this, the NOVO App Studio offers an UI designer, in which layouts can be created using drag & drop. In addition, layouts can be linked to functionalities and workflows. The NOVO App-Studio also offers a resource management system in which styles, colors, text or other parameters can be defined and managed. With this software, apps can be created quickly with low code, the development and time expenditure can be reduced by 70%.

    Take advantage of these powerful, inexpensive options.

NOVO App-Studio - Facts

    • Great flexibility

      Apps created by us have a modular structure, the content can be easily adapted.

      Thanks to our software solution NOVO Mobile and NOVO App-Studio, you don't need a lot of initial effort.

    • Shorten decision-making processes

      Thanks to fast mock-ups, concrete ideas about the functions and appearance of the future app can be conveyed immediately.

      This can significantly shorten decision-making processes.

    • Do-it-yourself

      With the NOVO App Studio it is possible for you to take care of the app yourself.

      Simply make changes and adjustments directly and quickly. Without long polls.

Your Advantages

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    The NOVO App Studio combines app design and app development in one workplace.

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    An integrated storyboard clearly shows the range of functions and makes it simply transparent.

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    A powerful version management of various app releases ensures great flexibility and time savings.

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    Configuring workflows and managing interfaces is child's play in the NOVO App Studio.

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