Our success stories speak for themselves

  • So when we promise 100% success, it’s not just empty words. Our customers have relied on us for years to provide solutions for

    • input management
    • customer dialog and
    • business process optimization.
  • Our NOVO products are used by many businesses – SMEs and large enterprises alike – in all kinds of industries in order to create exceptional customer relationships. Our target group: Companies with high communication volume and high B2C contact who want to make their visions regarding customer orientation and process optimization a reality - in a short time and without risk.

    Have a look at our previous successful projects for yourself and see what our customers have to say about us.


  • Kundenstimme zum automatisierten Online-Beitritt

    BKK Faber-Castell

    NOVO CxP sorgt dafür, dass nach dem Absenden der Daten aus Web-Formularen diese Mitarbeitern im Fach-System Bitmarck 21c|ng sofort zur Verfügung stehen - ohne Medienbruch. Die Software entlastet Mitarbeiter von lästigen Routine-Aufgaben und beschleunigt Prozesse signifikant. Die BKK Faber-Castell spart so rund 80 % ihrer Bearbeitungszeiten.


    • Hohe Dunkelverarbeitung
    • Durchgängige Prozessautomatisierung
    • Reduzierung der internen Bearbeitungskosten
    • Entlastete Mitarbeiter
    • Hohe Kundenzufriedenheit
    • 100 % rechtssichere Archivierung

    Customer report on Process Automation "Family Questionnaire"

    Rudolf Mattausch

    "The expectations of our insured are high. The software solution NOVO CxP helps us to save time during the processing by a high dark processing rate, so that we can give the insured much more timely a feedback - even with ambiguity. "


    • Fast processing of business processes
    • Significant reduction in throughput times
    • Reduction of time-consuming administrative work (52% dark processing)
    • Digital processing from Inbox Improve customer service quality
    • Reduction of personnel expenses
    • Timely customer communication

    Customer report on intelligent input management

    Ulrich Geuss

    "Our staff is seeing enormous reductions in their workload. Thanks to NOVO CxP we can release 20 employees from time-consuming manual work, leaving them free to work on other tasks, like supporting complex specialist customer communication processes, that software solutions cannot yet do."

    FROM PRACTICE - our video: Ulrich Geuss talks about "Digitalization from the front"


    • Quickly complete business processes
    • Signifi cantly reduce throughput times
    • Reduce the burden of management work
    • Reduce paper volumes
    • Improve access to information
    • Improve service quality
    • Reduce personnel costs
    • Create a central platform for classical and digital input channels

    Customer report on the new app based bonus program

    Oliver Krause

    “It seems like our customers were really expecting selfservice functionality from us. At least, that‘s what we are realizing from the rising number of registrations and the number of people using our BMW BKK app.”


    • Faster reaction times
    • Cost-effective customer care tool
    • Optimized service quality  
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Efficient business processes and information logistics
    • Use of customer-preferred communication channels
    • Avoidance of media breaks

    Customer report on process-compliant mailroom archiving

    Ingo Möller-Bowles

    “With “Email on Demand”, we can now rely on an intelligent solution which provides our specialists with an easy-to-use tool. All business-relevant emails are guaranteed to be integrated into the system as a whole, and all information is available at all times, for everyone involved.”


    • Fast, secure archiving for all process-relevant data and documents
    • All information relating to a transaction in one place
    • All information from all sources
    • Transactions completed quickly and correctly

    Customer report on processing incoming emails

    Ralf Rosenauer

    “With NOVO Mail and the jadice server, we’ve made it possible to fully integrate emails into W&W’s processes. Our employees are now best placed to respond to queries, while colour PDF archiving presents significant advantages in readability and reduced processing times.”


    • Streamlined correspondence processing
    • Higher-quality document display and archiving
    • Printing costs reduced


  • Customer report on automatic mailroom processing

    Eduard Grün

    “Nothing but the best for our customers – that’s the goal! With inovoo as our partner, we get exactly the kind of support our business needs: flexible solutions, speedy implementation, best results. This secures us a decisive competitive advantage on the market.”


    • Faster, more efficient processing
    • Seamless integration with the existing systems environment
    • Optimized workflow management for all communications channels
    • Less work for staff


  • Customer report on intelligent apps

    Peter Vorgel

    “With inovoo’s solutions, we have invested in a highly scalable digital platform whose proof of concept demonstrates satisfied customers and rapid growth. It’s a solution for digitally transmitting and processing previously paper-based processes in a 100% secure format - and for the sender, it's easy to integrate into their existing processes. For the receiver, it’s a single digital mailbox instead of dozens of different company portals. It lets them read the mail of tomorrow, today.”


    • Communications pathways become faster and more direct
    • Fewer paper documents means lower costs
    • Administrators have less work to do and can concentrate on what’s most importnat
    • Efficiently connect customers and employees
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Satisfied customers and employees
    • Lower costs for the business

Industry & Retail

  • Customer report on smart email management

    Florian Scheel

    “Thanks to the NOVO CxP platform, we benefit from excellent transparency and now have a clear, simple system environment. We find it particularly helpful that email content from a wide range of sources is quickly and automatically extracted. In other words, this is real, efficient multichannel management, which saves time and money and dramatically improves the customer journey.”


    • Outstanding customer service thanks to automated email processing
    • Seamless integration with existing processes and technology
    • Automated processing for faster workflows (over 1 million emails per year)
    • Text templates, address books, imprints and more are managed centrally (avoiding reduplication of work)
    • Complete contact history with CRM system
    • Continuity of media formats throughout transactions

    Customer report on invoice processing from 2015

    Klaus Preitschopf

    “Precisely optimized processes, high flexibility and the ability to use our existing NOVO Modules further, combined with highly skilled consulting and implementation services – this was the only way we could have coped with the ongoing rise in the number of invoices to be captured and processed. inovoo is our long-term partner in this endeavor.”


    • Two-thirds of supplier invoices submitted by email
    • Nearly 50 % of all incoming supplier invoices meet the requirements for automatic processing
    • Over 90 % of these are successfully automatically processed
    • Automated (and therefore much more efficient) processes, from ordering to accounting
    • Clear, standardized, transparent business processes
    • Less manual processing work for purchasing and accounting staff, resulting in a significant workload reduction
    • Better use of, and greater synergy between, existing IT platforms
    • Revision-safe long-term archiving
    • Green IT: Less paper used

    Customer report on invoice processing before 2015

    Klaus Preitschopf

    “Since 2005, we have been successfully using inovoo’s services to automatically process incoming invoices. inovoo’s new redesign of our capture processes allowed us to significantly reduce costs and increase our efficiency in automating our clearing processes.”


    • Faster, more efficient document processing
    • Scanning processes designed for flexibility
    • Easier, more cost-effective system maintenance
    • Existing interdepartmental processes optimized
    • User interfaces optimzied

Logistics & Transportation

  • Customer report on invoice processing

    Introducing an integrated solution for processing incoming invoices made it possible to reduce maintenance and operating costs by around 50 %.


    • Decentralized InputAccel installations made obsolete
    • Less administrative work
    • Maintenance and operating costs reduced by around 50 %
    • Central management customizes capture processes


    Customer report on streamlined content services and legacy data migration

    Replacing all the archiving solutions with ApplicationXtender and using NOVO Mail to manage the exchange of documentation made it possible to simplify communication with Swift’s 22,000 truck drivers, automate associated paper-based process and streamline the archiving and access of business-critical information.


    • Comprehensive fixed content document management and imaging system
    • Drivers are paid on a timely basis
    • Costs associated with maintaining paper documents have either been eliminated or significantly reduced
    • No lost or misfiled documents anymore
    • Sensitive information is secure and protected from unauthorized access
    • Browser-based imaging system makes upgrades easy