• We find holistic solutions tailored to meet your needs, maintaining a clear view of all requirements, goals and input channels. Integrating with a wide range of environments is all in a day’s work for us.

    Here’s what this means for you: because our projects lead to rapid returns on investments, our results are measurable.

  • At inovoo, each of our consultants is both a generalist and a specialist. We find ways around any barriers to communication, bringing together everyone affected by the project. This is how we achieve the transparency required even for especially complex projects.

Customer reference

  • Ralf Bayer; Head of IT Servicesand Project Management, SBK

    "We were convinced by inovoo’s combination of product-independent advice and well grounded technological know-how. inovoo offered professional support for us throughout the implementation of this demanding project: analyzing our existing processes, producing a proof of concept, launching the new solution and training our staff."


  • "The more important and the more difficult something is,

    the more preparartion is required."

    Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825)

  • We begin our collaboration with you by analyzing your business’ processes. In doing so, we get to know not only your processes, but also your goals and values. We then identify ways to improve the current situation and define specific ways in which your business can be optimized. Taking your goals and available resources into account, as well as the requirements of the market, we design a solution tailored especially to your business, in order to then create a detailed implementation plan in consultation with your key players. Our goal is to always provide you with product-independent advice and to support you in a spirit of partnership and teamwork.



    • Defining your company goals and the market requirements
    • Analyzing current business processes
    • Analyzing potential for improvement
    • Designing a holistic solution
    • Cost-benefit analysis / Calculating ROI
    • Defining approach and roadmap
    • Detailed planning

Implementation / Realization

  • Our team of tried and tested experts will take care to successfully implement the technical side of the solution, offering you reliable support as the system is implemented. Naturally, our service portfolio also includes development and testing work, as well as training for your staff – and because our systems are easy to manage, you can also program and maintain them without our help if you prefer. If you wish, we can provide you with a turnkey solution.


    • Software development
    • System and software implementation (turnkey software)
    • Support during functionality testing
    • Quality assurance
    • Documentation support
    • Monitoring planning
    • Go-live support
    • Handover on startup
    • Training & know-how transfer


  • We don’t just vanish from the face of the earth once the project is implemented. On the contrary: even after the project is complete, we’ll always be there for you with our know-how and experience. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship of support and assistance – the only way to achieve lasting success.


    • Technical and specialist support (remote or on-site)
    • Experienced service team
    • Taking on other opportunities for improvement