Email Chaos? Need help?

  • We have the solution!

    72% of German users use email to communicate with businesses. Emails need to be handled differently from other input channels, with the reply time being the critical difference. Customers expect a reply to their email within a few hours – perhaps the next day, at the latest.

  • What this means for your company is that time-intensive classification and forwarding processes must be avoided if you are to guarantee your customers a fast processing and response time.

    inovoo helps you make your business processes more efficient and fully integrate and automate email as an input channel. This means you save time and your staff can focus on what really matters.



    • Integrate email into your business processes as an input channel
    • Automatically process emails, from input to administrator handover
    • Interface with output management systems

Advantages to your business

    • Process automation and management
    • Increase efficiency
    • Process customer requests quickly
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Increased service and process quality
    • Avoid record fragmentation
    • Comply with legal archiving and documentation requirements
    • Modular approach to meet the needs of your company/sector

Advantages to your customers

    • Fast processing
    • Fast response
    • Avoid record fragmentation

Target group

  • Businesses in any industry receiving large numbers of emails from customers