Automate now!

  • For providers in e-commerce, efficient communication is essential. E-mail is the most important communication channel. Tendency even rising. One thing is clear: the manual handling of customer concerns is slow and often faulty.

    Reduce time-consuming processing times, increase your processing time and save time and money. So that you remain competitive in the face of the gigantic flood of data and documents you receive every day.

    We offer you innovative solutions to digitally map and automate your customer communication and thus accelerate it enormously. So you can increase your customer loyalty. Increase your conversion rates and achieve lucrative sales

Choose from our solutions:

  • Automated Email Processing
  • Multi-Channel Input Management
  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows
    • Florian Scheel — Head of Customer Experience Solutions

      "Thanks to the NOVO CxP platform, we benefit from excellent transparency and now have a clear, simple system environment."