Automate now!

  • Today, financial companies are driven by many manual processes and workflows, most of which contain documents and text-based information. Experienced professionals are faced with everyday and repetitive tasks and can not focus on truly value-adding activities. Non-optimized ERP systems and other process silos can quickly increase costs. It is essential that communication becomes more efficient and effective both internally and internally.

    Reduce time-consuming processing times, increase your processing time and save time and money. So that you can remain competitive in the face of the gigantic flood of data and documents you receive every day and increase your ability to provide information and transparency.

    We offer you innovative solutions to digitally map and automate your business processes and thus enormously accelerate them. We make process automation easy and ensure sustainable success!

Choose from our solutions:

  • Automated Email Processing
  • Multi-Channel Input Management
  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows
    • Ulrich Geuss — Former Director

      "Our staff is seeing enormous reductions in their workload. Thanks to NOVO CxP we can release 20 employees from time-consuming manual work."