Digital Approval and Signature Workflows

  • In the daily business processes of companies, many legacy business workflows are already digitized and automated. However, once a legal signature on a document is required, the digitization of the workflow may falter. The MOXIS electronic signature folder is therefore the perfect compliment to the inovoo product offerings. The software consistently helps to realize digital workflow processes which will save time and money.

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  • MOXIS is the enterprise solution for the secure and legally valid e-signature from XiTrust. The possibility of mobile remote signatures ensures the highest legal validity with optimal usability - sign your documents by qualified electronic signature (QES), 100% eIDAS compliant and with the legal effect of a manual signature.

    This results in a variety of possible applications - both in internal processes as well as in cooperation with customers, suppliers, or partners: With MOXIS documents such as contracts, orders, offers, invoices, quality documents, personnel records, etc. can be easily signed digitally, anywhere and at any time.

    The printing of documents for signature is a thing of the past and helps with the larger purpose of saving our environment

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  • Reduce the waiting time for important signatures from several days or even weeks to just a few seconds and save considerable costs.

The possibilities are manifold

  • We are happy to show you a few selected examples that give an insight into the variety of uses of product integration - the possibilities are unlimited!

    • Example: App for Human Resources

      A global market for which mandatory documentation is part of day-to-day business. inovoo provides an app with which the industry can work in all relevant fields: project tenders, skill requirements, contract management, billing documents, availability or sick leave. Due to the possibility of e-signatures in connection with MOXIS, the complexity of the topic is rendered simple by a series of finger taps

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    • Example: App for Facility Management

      The management of buildings relies on the deligence of document management. Building plans, community agreements, and leases are critical to facility management. Documents can be loaded directly into inovoo apps with the respective object data and project delivery objects. The approvals can be carried out in the app by the signatures triggered with MOXIS. The goal is to significantly reduce the number of inquiries in the contact center while at the same time minimizing the error rate through outsourcing to end customers.

    • Example: App for Universities

      In the field of education, official proofing duties traditionally play a prominent role. The inovoo university app makes it possible to create student IDs directly from within the app. Security processing wait times can be effectively bypassed. In addition, various additional functions can be integrated: enrollment, immediate document access, invoices or scheduling. The app does even more: Under each certificate and each proof of performance provide legally valid signatures with MOXIS.

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Your Advantages

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    Fast & efficient

    Mobile processing of contracts as well as fast case-closing competency are possible.

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    Mobile & legally valid

    Documents can be signed on a mobile platform and are legally valid - no matter when, no matter where

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    Transparent & legally compliant

    More efficient and fully transparent signature processes that meet regulatory requirements.

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    Cost effective & efficient

    Cost-effective and efficient input channel ("Green IT") and sales process

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