Sender and Receiver

  • Customer dialog is a mutual exchange of information. Both sender and receiver may use a range of communication channels, but whichever they choose, response quality and reaction time remain essential markers of high-quality customer service. inovoo offers customer dialog solutions for all communication channels – paper, email, web and mobile – customized to meet your exact needs.

  • With the help of unified, efficient business processes, and optimized communication channel integration for your customer services department, process throughput times and costs are reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased.



    • Standardized communication platform for mail, fax, email, chat and apps
    • Combine input and output management for instant automatic responses to customers
    • “Real-time” communication for more reliable customer dialog

Advantages to your business

    • Complete records of all incoming and outgoing communications with customers
    • Automatic response management saves time and money
    • Use your existing word processing/text editing software

Advantages to your customers

    • Fast responses through any communication channel
    • Make contact anywhere, on any device

Target group

  • Companies in any sector communicating with customers through a range of input channels

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