All roads lead… to your company

  • These days, customers have many more ways of communicating with businesses than even a few years ago. As well as traditional communication channels such as mail, telephone and fax, more and more customers are using email to communicate with businesses. Meanwhile, the expectations of the Web 2.0 generation mean that the bandwidth used for communication via social media, web portals and apps is also increasing. Offering professional customer service through any and all channels means integrating each channel into a unified dialog management system.

    Many companies still follow the staff-intensive process of scanning incoming documents in full, then taking the time and effort to read through them in order to classify them and manually extract data.

  • Entire departments spend their time doing nothing else – wasting valuable time that could be better put to use working on the core business.

    It doesn’t have to be like this. inovoo helps you to automate your mailroom processes – no matter how documents reach you. This lets you integrate all input channels into your business processes and increase service quality.

    We’ll find the ideal solution for your business, actively working with you from the consulting phase, through realization and implementation, all the way through to after-sales support.



    • Standardized input management
    • Integrate all input channels

Advantages to your business

    • Allows customer dialog through any input channel
    • More efficient dialog management reduces processing costs
    • Avoid record fragmentation
    • Easily integrates with and embeds into your existing business processes
    • Modularization to meet the needs of your business or sector

Advantages to your customers

    • Fast processing / responses
    • Avoid record fragmentation
    • Professional customer service through any input channel

Target group

  • Businesses in any industry with a high level of email-based contact with customers

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