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  • Are your employees spending too much time processing and clearing orders? How about letting them work where they’re most useful -  focusing on the core business – while cutting costs at the same time?

  • What you need is the fully automatic NOVO order clearing system, which interfaces with your CRM and ERP systems.



    • Integrate all input channels
    • Automatically process orders/contracts: receipt, validation, fulfillment, internal and external output
    • Interfaces with all kinds of existing systems and archives

Advantages to your business

    • Process automation and management
    • Increased efficiency
    • Fast, seamless order processing
    • Reduced costs

Advantages to your customers

    • Fast delivery
    • Clear information regarding delivery status
    • Expand to include mobile payment

Target group

    • Businesses in a range of sectors (industry, insurance, banks, public sector, retail, logistics…)
    • Processing the following documents:
      • Contracts
      • Orders
      • Proposals
      • Contract extensions

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