Scanning on your smartphone

  • Our Scanner App lets you quickly and easily capture documents and certificates of all kinds, wherever you are, on your mobile device. Save yourself the effort of going to the mailbox!

    And that’s not all: the digital document is also directly and automatically associated with the appropriate business process.

Grafik Daumen MobileScannen
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries and all types of documents and certificates

Mobile document processing

  • The customer quickly and easily captures the required documents and certificates using the app – or more specifically, using their smartphone camera. The customer uses the app to send the scanned document directly to the business, where it is automatically associated with the appropriate business process.

  • The extracted information is handed over to your system, where it can be processed in full and in real time by the relevant administrator. This means less manual work for your employees (such as data entry), saving time and costs.

Grafik Daumen MobileScannen
  • More than just a low-cost photo submission system

    The app is fully integrated into your business processes. This allows the relevant administrator within your business to process the transaction in full.


  • Services for any industry:

  • Industry-specific services:

    • We also offer a range of services for industry-specific processes within banks, insurance firms, energy providers or healthcare services.



    • Faster development
    • Shorter time to market
    • Save costs through process automation
    • Straightforward support, as all channels run in parallel. If e.g. a change is made to the app, changes are automatically pushed to all platforms.
    • Not simply an isolated solution: a component in a complete multichannel solution
    • Scalability. The app grows with you, adjusting to your current needs and requirements
    • Available for Android and iOS
    • White-label app – Design your own app
    • Top data protection and security standards

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