• Digitization offers enormous potential for savings

    Who hasn’t dreamed of something like this? Efficient digitization of time-intensive administrative work, with black-box processing rates demonstrably increased by up to 20% - all with a single, easily integrated software solution. And how about designing your own apps and workflows as needed, as well? Too good to be true? Far from it: NOVO CxP (Communication Exchange Platform) makes all of this possible –in practically the blink of an eye.

    We make it sound simple, but the processes that power it are in fact quite complex. The enterprise information management solution NOVO CxP receives structured and unstructured data in all sorts of formats through a range of input channels, evaluates their content and hands them over to downstream processes in a standardized format. NOVO CxP’s flexibility and savings potential will wow you at the very first glance: it makes automation rates of 75-80% possible when digitizing incoming mail.


  • The customer service of the future

    This inovoo platform receives all incoming information from all sorts of sources and uses sophisticated technology to analyze the content of that information. It then structures the information to produce a complete customer record – a major bonus for businesses with high levels of B2C contact, which will see their workload reduced and the efficiency of their customer communication increased as they gain a complete real-time view of their customers.

    An artisan’s toolkit

    inovoo provides a toolkit which customers can use to design personalized workflows in an instant, letting a wide range of departments quickly model and assemble their own processes without requiring any vast new IT projects. Alternatively, however, the customer can also use range of turnkey solutions based on inovoo’s extensive specialist know-how. Whatever sounds best.

    • Intelligent digitization across all channels

  • The basic concept behind NOVO CxP is based on processing incoming information. NOVO CxP expands classical input management into a multi-channel solution providing conversion, artificial intelligence, self-learning content analysis methods, mobile components and output options. NOVO CxP processes incoming information and hands it over to specialist downstream processes, making it an exchange platform for all kinds of data. NOVO CxP automates email processing within a business. Group mailboxes are processed automatically, and NOVO CxP uses plugins to help process and archive personal Outlook emails and Office documents.

    NOVO CxP offers a wide range of options for extracting relevant information from a wide range of documents, files and datasets, whether using keywords, OCR technology or language recognition, and using everything from PDF forms to unstructured, incomplete text. A combination of these methods is in fact essential for newer forms of digital communication, since most authors no longer write as neatly as they used to on paper.

  • NOVO CxP can standardize almost all incoming formats as PDF, Tiff or PDF/A 1-3 files. Optimizing conversion is particularly important for incoming digital documents, in order to allow the process to run automatically and to ensure top quality and consistency for further processing.

    NOVO CxP can run as a client, meaning that multiple business processes can run in parallel. Individual processes can be started or stopped manually. An import/export function makes it easy to transfer processes to or from other systems.

    NOVO CxP runs on servers or in the cloud, and its service architecture allows it to be operated as SaaS. NOVO CxP workflows can be integrated into existing solutions using a C# interface, either as the primary workflow or as sub-workflows. As an open platform, NOVO CxP can integrate with other services, offering added value in every way imaginable.

    • NOVO CxP offers customers not just a workflow platform, but also access to a wide range of ready-made modules which allow the user to simply drag and drop a module into a workflow, then configure it as required.



    • Fully digitize all media and input channels
    • Physical and digital document processing
    • Automatically identify transactions
    • Automatically extract customer data and information
    • Automatically initiate internal processes
    • Interfaces with response management system to provide a professional, personal response


  • NOVO CxP offers customers not just a workflow platform, but also access to a wide range of ready-made modules which allow the user to simply drag and drop a module into a workflow, then configure it as required.  

    Workflow management has never been easier! Available module categories include the following:

    • Import
    • Classification
    • Extraction
    • Conversion
    • Compression
    • Signing
    • Export
    • Bitmarck
    • Decision
    • Script
    • XML

Advantages to your business

    • Clear, comprehensible and complete business processes
    • Universal process automation and management
    • Less manual work, increasing efficiency
    • Process customer requests faster
    • Reduced manual work thanks to automatic (black box) processing
    • Optimized processes, reducing costs
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Increased service and process quality
    • Scalable – handles even large volumes of data
    • Integrates into downstream processing, avoiding record fragmentation
    • Comply with legal archiving and documentation requirements
    • Professional response management increases customer loyalty

Advantages to your customer

    • Fast processing
    • Fast, personalized response
    • Avoid record fragmentation (input channel = output channel)
    • Choose any communications channel
    • Enables complete self-service processing
    • High transparency

Target group

  • Businesses with a high level of B2C contact in the following sectors:

    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Public administration
    • Transportation
    • Online retail
    • Energy
    • Social economy