Automation offers enormous savings potential

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  • It's all about speed

    Who wouldn't want that? Efficient digitization of time-consuming processes in the company, fast automation of business processes, and complete dark processing without human intervention. The powerful, market-leading platform NOVO CxP (Communication Exchange Platform) makes it possible and extends the classic input management to multi-channel content services, workflow management, and artificial intelligence (AI). As well as self-learning methods (Machine Learning) for content analysis, mobile components, and output options. The intelligent software solution has a modular structure and can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment.

Facts - NOVO CxP

    • Your data is valuable

      Use NOVO CxP to automatically gain valuable information from unstructured data and documents - with little effort. Machine learning makes it possible with automated content recognition in the palm of your hand.

    • Omni-channel input management

      No matter which channel documents arrive - NOVO CxP automates your processes across channels and increases your service quality.

    • Central data hub

      NOVO CxP is your central data hub. You will no longer work in data silos. The exchange of information with NOVO CxP ensures a new level of efficiency.

    • Workflow management made easy

      Workflow management has never been easier: you can easily integrate and configure modules in workflows using drag & drop.

    • Modular

      NOVO CxP provides business process automation services that can be addressed individually via web services or in a specific order.

    • No data silos anymore

      Separate systems that do not communicate with each other are a thing of the past. NOVO CxP ensures an efficient exchange of information.

    • Easily integrated

      Thanks to its modular design, NOVO CxP can be adapted precisely to your company requirements and is easy to integrate.

    • Key function classification

      Know what your customers want: Content analysis and classification of incoming information is key. Use AI and benefit from fast processes.

Functions of NOVO CxP

  • Use savings potential

    Automate your processes, improve your efficiency and your ROI. The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution NOVO CxP imports structured and unstructured data of different input channels and formats, analyzes them in terms of content and exports them uniformly to downstream processes. The savings potential is manifold and offers automation rates of 75 to 85%, for example, in the digitization of incoming mail.

  • Customer service of the future

    Do you know what your customers want? The NOVO CxP digitization platform helps you automatically analyze your customer concerns, assign them to your business processes, and provide a 360° view of the customer historically and in real time. So you can improve your customer service efficiently.

  • Toolbox with finesse

    On the one hand, NOVO CxP offers a toolbox that enables the individual design of workflows in no time at all. Specialist departments can quickly model their own processes and join them together - without making a huge IT project out of it.

    Particularly interesting: With NOVO CxP, the user is able to do a lot by himself and thus implement his individual needs (technical processing rules) quickly and immediately. This makes you, as a customer, as independent as possible. Fast, flexible, and the costs remain low.

Intelligent digitization across all channels

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    NOVO CxP is a modular, easily configurable platform based on the motto "Low Code" solution. Simply connect your communication channels and IT system environment and optimize your customer communication.

Your Advantages

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    • 85% automation

      Automate your processes and reduce lengthy process times by up to 85%.

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    • 90% increase in efficiency

      Eliminate manual, time-consuming activities to save costs. Lower administration and output costs.

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    • Up to 50% personnel savings

      Relieve employees of the hassle of routine tasks for more value-added work.

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    • Independence / Open System

      Do-it-yourself: Do a lot of things yourself and build your own system, which makes you independent of your service provider.

The use of NOVO CxP is worthwhile

  • Automated text recognition in seconds

    NOVO CxP offers a variety of AI-based capabilities to extract relevant information from a variety of documents, files or data - whether through keywords or semantic analysis of text or OCR information, from PDF forms or unstructured, incomplete data. A combination of these methods is particularly necessary in today's digital communication, as many customers use the most convenient communication channel for them and also change during the business process. Unlock your data and achieve an average automation rate of 80%.

    Big advantage: As a user, you can easily design and train many processes / workflows yourself. In this way, you can introduce your expertise without detours and quickly achieve efficient results - and at the same time save costs.

  • Uniform formats increase transparency

    NOVO CxP can standardize almost all input formats: PDF, Tiff and PDF/A 1-3. Optimum conversion is of the utmost importance, especially with regard to the variety of incoming digital document formats, so that the process runs automatically and documents can be digitally archived in a revision-proof manner.

  • Multi-client capability offers optimal flexibility

    NOVO CxP is multi-client capable, so several business processes can be processed in parallel. As a central data hub, NOVO CxP serves all communication channels as well as IT systems and supports the shared service approach of modern input management applications.

  • High independence through service-oriented architecture

    NOVO CxP runs in your data center or in the cloud and can be run as SaaS based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). NOVO CxP workflows can integrate existing solutions as a main workflow (C # interface) or be used as sub-workflows of existing solutions.

    NOVO CxP, as an open platform, provides a web service interface for integrating other services and provides added value for all pages.

    • Ulrich Geuss — Former Director

      "Our staff is seeing enormous reductions in their workload. Thanks to NOVO CxP we can release 20 employees from time-consuming manual work."

    • Ralf Rosenauer — Input management project leader

      „Our Profit: Powerful conversion into a high-quality colour format, along with an automated and streamlined digital incoming-mail solution.“

Which industry are you looking to automate?

  • We are happy to show you in which areas we offer tailor-made intelligent digitization solutions - from e-mail management to other processes. Please choose:

  • You have not found your industry? Contact us! We have many years of in-depth know-how and have most likely already introduced solutions in your area.

Optional modules in combination with NOVO CxP

    • NOVO Scan
    • NOVO Validate
    • NOVO OCR
    • NOVO Smart Classify
    • NOVO Smart Data
    • NOVO PDF Compression
    • NOVO Email Desk