NOVO CxP - Clever automation of your data and documents

The powerful platform NOVO CxP (Communication Exchange Platform) enables data- and document-driven process optimization as well as intelligent process automation.

More than 80 percent of business data arrives in unstructured formats such as emails, documents, images and PDF files. NOVO CxP transforms this into structured information that can be used digitally from end to end.

And how does that work? Through a clever combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart methods like  intelligent document processing (IDP) plus business process management (BPM) united in a low-code platform.


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Easy to integrate. Configurable. Scalable.

NOVO CxP enables precise and hassle-free adaptation to the individual requirements of your company. The various modules of the platform can be combined as required and enable flexible and needs-based customization in the shortest possible time. Be it simple or highly complex workflows - NOVO CxP supports a wide range of business processes.

The open-format and data-driven architecture enables seamless integration into existing structures. In addition, proven standard processes are combined with artificial intelligence. And to meet business requirements in any environment, the versatile software solution is available both as a cloud and on-premise solution.

Digitize efficiently and avoid time-consuming routine tasks & tedious processing!

Efficiency Unleashed: 3 Steps to Process Automation

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You receive business data in unstructured or partially structured formats such as emails, online forms, data from web portals or letters. NOVO CxP uses IDP processes to classify and extract the information relevant to you from this data and documents for process-related assignment and automated processing. To do this, we use the most suitable methods in each case, such as text analysis with machine learning (AI), LLM, OCR, free-form or form extraction.

Through intelligent database matching, personal or content data from scanned and digital documents is recognized, extracted and made complete. This ensures valid results and success rates of 90% for automatic data recognition and customer assignment.

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NOVO CxP is an intelligent process automation platform with integrated workflow design functionality from input to output. Workflows can be easily modeled using drag & drop. Finally, BPM modeling with an intuitive user interface - thanks to low code!

Thanks to its open architecture, NOVO CxP integrates seamlessly into existing processes and environments and collects information from all available sources. It offers automatic deployment and a web-based monitoring console for monitoring the system. And with the option of manual validation, the requirements for flexibility and user-friendliness are always met.

Realize end-to-end processes and maximum automation with content-based routing - allowing employees to focus on their customers. Optimize the processes of your ERP or CRM platform as well as your specialist applications - we always find a connection!

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Every day, a large amount of information enters and leaves companies in different ways and in different formats - NOVO CxP makes it available for downstream processes. It doesn't matter through which channel the documents reach you or how you provide the data. NOVO CxP delivers fully verified business information to the target systems you require - audit-proof and in real time.

With the help of the intelligent low-code integration platform NOVO CxP, you can master the challenges of heterogeneous system environments and establish connections to almost all other (eco) systems. Clever is that easy!

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Frequently asked questions about the NOVO CxP automation platform

  • 1. Is it possible to connect NOVO CxP to my existing systems?

    Yes, with NOVO CxP you have a platform that you can integrate into any environment via an open API and connect to any external service via a REST API. By providing a variety of content services and APIs, your existing applications can benefit from inovoo solutions. Streamline the processes of your ERP or CRM platform as well as those of your specialist applications - we'll always find a connection.

  • 2. In which industries can I use NOVO CxP?

    Intelligent document and data processing is used in almost all sectors - from healthcare to insurance, financial services, telecommunications, public administration and more. The possible applications are wide-ranging and diverse. Your data is the fuel for your business processes, so ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy - powered by NOVO CxP.

  • 3. What are the possible uses of NOVO CxP?

    The following use cases are just a small selection:    

    • Healthcare: E-mail processing and automation, digital mailroom, documents and data in electronic files, digital approval and signature workflows, automated invoice processing and data archiving and much more.
    • Insurance: E-mail processing and automation, application receipt, claims notification, data exchange with (claims) service providers, advance risk inquiry, portfolio services such as address changes, bank changes, risk adjustment forms, turnover queries, contract termination, etc.
    • Customer Service: Email processing and automation, digital mailroom, automated invoice processing, automated data archiving, contact center automation for email, chat and portal inboxes and much more.
    • Government Solutions: E-mail processing and automation, digital mailroom, documents and data in electronic files, digital approval and signature workflows, automated invoice processing and data archiving, digitization of family and birth registers and much more.
  • 4. What are the advantages of an IDP platform like NOVO CxP?

    More than 80 percent of business data is available only in unstructured formats such as documents, emails, images and PDF files. The speed and accuracy with which data and documents are processed has a direct impact on costs, decision-making, employee and customer satisfaction. Automating document capture allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks, reduce the error rate through less manual processing and speed up business processes. The result: more satisfied customers and employees!

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