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Simplify your operations with NOVO Mail, a solution that simplifies the automation of former labor-intensive email processes. Experience a boost in productivity and organizational effectiveness with ease.

NOVO Mail, the solution for automated e-mail processing, analyzes incoming e-mails, extracts data and automatically assigns it to the correct target systems.

Previously manual processing...

... now automated using NOVO Mail

Business emails contain a wide variety of information. Invoices, applications, address changes and other requests are often sent in a single email. Employees have to check these messages manually, feed data into the right business processes and also write a suitable reply email promptly.

This blocks resources that are not available for other valuable activities.


With the email automation solution NOVO Mail, you can drastically reduce email processing times. NOVO Mail automatically analyzes which customer, which request and which business process is involved. Thanks to an easily trainable AI system, content in emails and their attachments is recognized precisely - offering enormous automation potential.

This allows you to gain valuable business data and complete business processes with a high degree of automation in seconds.


Get started now with NOVO Mail - it's that simple!

NOVO Mail offers you three levels of automation - tailored to your individual requirements



Free up employees from tedious routine tasks and create capacity for value-adding tasks.


Increase customer satisfaction by reducing email processing times.


NOVO Mail is based on NOVO CxP, inovoo's powerful platform for intelligent process automation - confirmed by leading analysts.


Reduced operating costs from day one and amortization within a few months.


Three levels of automation offer you the right solution for different requirements in your company.


Benefit today from advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning in your customer communication.

More solutions

In addition to the smart e-mail processing system NOVO Mail, you can use the NOVO CxP platform to find even more solutions for automating your business processes:

  • Realization of a fully automated data and information flow beyond e-mails (letter, fax, chat, data...)
  • Integration of your existing infrastructure such as specialist procedures, archive systems, DMS...

...and much more

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