Automatic text recognition from image files

  • NOVO OCR is a complete solution for working with PDFs and scanned images that are edited, converted and compared. The solution impresses with its exceptional recognition accuracy and intuitive user interface.

    NOVO OCR increases productivity when working with documents. This will allow you to access information that is "included" in paper documents or PDF files. Furthermore, inovoo software gives computers the ability to recognize hand written characters using Intelligent Character Recognition. NOVO OCR is a market leader using best of breed technologies and can now recognize texts in almost 200 languages from images, screenshots and PDFs.

    NOVO OCR detects machine based text with an accuracy of up to 99.8%. The structure and formatting of even the most complex document layouts - including tables, charts and blurry images - is preserved.

    With NOVO OCR, all text can be extracted from an image file and added to a NOVO CxP workflow object as content for later classification or extraction.

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Your Advantages

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    High precision

    High character and field recognition rates in one step significantly reduce manual effort.

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    Fast processing

    Manual post processing times (clearing) are significantly reduced.

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    85% automation

    Achieve automated processing rates of over 85%.

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    Cost reduction

    Reduce the cost of post-processing by 20 to 40%.