Automated Email Processing saves Time and Money

    • Process emails in seconds

      With NOVO CxP, the AI based software solution, you can process emails automatically in a matter of seconds, thus optimizing your email management as well as your inbox and mail distribution. The software frees your employees of time-consuming routine activities and speeds up processes significantly. So you can improve your communication and provide a fast service to your customers.

      NOVO CxP automatically analyzes incoming emails (including attachments), recognizes and extracts content, assigns the email to the right business process and department and archives it in accordance with legal requirements. NOVO CxP supports all public ( and private mailboxes ( equally.

    • Fast ROI

      Depending on which processing steps are desired, the user can choose from modules such as classification for document type recognition, data extraction for reading the metadata, digital signature, PDF/A conversion or archiving. In addition, emails can be answered automatically and remain seemingly personal.

      This allows the inbox channel "Email" to be automated in the best possible way. You save time and money. Based upon our customer experiences, company savings of up to 50% are possible (see customer reference Janitos Versicherung or KLiNGEL Gruppe, which annually processes 1.3 million emails automatically). Starting with 100 emails per day, the use of this solution pays off and the ROI can be less than twelve months.

How can you automate your email processing?

Your Advantages

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    Up to 90% automation

    Automate your processes and increase your dark processing by 50 to 90%.

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    75% time savings

    Eliminate manual, time-consuming activities to save costs.

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    Up to 50% personnel savings

    Free employees of the hassle of routine tasks to use them for more value-added work.

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    High independence

    Do-it-yourself: Do a lot of things yourself and build your own system, which makes you independent of your service provider.

Powerful features offer great flexibility

Email Management - Facts

    • Email volume continues to rise

      In 2018, 848.1 billion emails were sent and received in Germany.

    • + 10%

      In 2017 it was 771 billion. Thus, the volume of e-mail in German mailboxes has risen by 10 percent - significantly more than global growth, which averaged 4.5 percent.

    • Daily emails

      According to a forecast by Statista, the number of emails sent and received every day worldwide will be 293.6 billion in 2019. This number of emails sent and received privately and for business purposes is expected to increase continuously in the coming years and will amount to 347.3 billion emails per day in 2023.

    • Daily emails to professionals

      For many professionals, email is the most important form of communication: 21 emails arrive in the professional mailbox per day - three more than four years ago. According to a bitkom survey, three out of ten professionals receive more than 30 emails a day. In 8% it is even 50 and more.

    • Indispensable form of communication

      88% of Germans, 96% of Austrian and 88% of Swiss internet users work with emails - according to the UIM study "Email for you". The relevance of the form of communication compared to the previous year has increased surprisingly strongly.

Reduce your processing times

  • The time-consuming manual handling of incoming emails was yesterday. Take advantage of the AI-based software solution NOVO CxP. With it’s easy-to-implement solution, you can free-up your employees of the tedious routine tasks of having to print and then re-transform already digital content.

    Relevant specialist and customer data are automatically extracted from the messages utilizing best of breed OCR technologies. In addition, the process is automatically enriched with customer information. This allows you to reduce processing times by up to 75%.

    Eliminate the problem that some emails can not be read by the recipient because the right program is missing. NOVO CxP automatically detects content and classifies all required data, regardless of format.

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    • Increase data quality and search less

      Emails no longer have to be printed, scanned and read using OCR in order to feed them into the existing post-digitization process. With NOVO CxP you eliminate media breaks and increase the data quality - regardless of the qualification or motivation of the respective employee. Human processing errors are also eliminated.

      Your employees do not have to search long and are quickly informed. And legally compliant archiving is done automatically in no time. Uniform filing structures help retrieve information and enable you to meet compliance guidelines.

      Attachments in emails can be separated by content and further processed in parallel with the original container emails

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Choose your level of automation

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    Clerk performs all work steps manually.

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    Level 1: Assisted

    Clerk transfers manually indexed data centrally to the task control of the specialist application.

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    Level 2: Partially automated

    Clerk checks systemically obtained data and uses processing algorithms from NOVO CxP.

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    Level 3: Fully automated

    The NOVO CxP software almost completely takes over the administrative processing routines of the clerk.

  • Processing time per email: approx. 6 to 8 minutes

  • Processing time per email: approx. 2 to 4 minutes

  • Processing time per email: approx. 1 to 2 minutes

  • Processing time per email: approx. fully automated

Further solutions for various industries

    • Multi-Channel-Input-Management
    • Automated Invoice Processing
    • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows
    • Individual Apps

Which data do you need?

  • gruppenpostfach EN.jpg
  • In advance, you determine what data you need for your workflow. These metadata, such as the insurance number, the sender of the email and the email address are automatically read by NOVO CxP from the email in the group mailbox (

    In addition, the system automatically recognizes to which business process this e-mail is to be assigned, such as an address change, and forwards it on to the next step of the personal mailbox of the responsible clerk. This ensures that every email is actually processed.

  • Personal mailbox facilitates editing

    Incoming emails and their attachments can be archived legally, securely, and directly from Outlook without additional plugins or sophisticated configurations.

    Our Outlook integration is the leading component that is actively used for archiving emails. The user has the option of archiving the email selected in his Microsoft Outlook via graphical interface and then forwarding it to a connection workflow. The content specified is extracted directly from the body of the email.

    With the help of the Outlook integration you are able to speed up processes efficiently.

    Learn more about how the practical Outlook Integration works.

Your Benefit

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    • Increase efficiency by up to 90%

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    • Email processing including content recognition in less than 5 seconds

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    • Improvement of reaction times by 75%

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    • Dark processing (without manual intervention) between 50 and 90%

Product Information - Download

    • Ulrich Geuss — Director

      "Our staff is seeing enormous reductions in their workload. Thanks to NOVO CxP we can release 20 employees from time-consuming manual work."

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