Save a lot of time with automated invoice processing

  • Employees often have to spend a lot of time processing invoices. In order for the invoices to be processed uniformly and efficiently, all of them must be integrated into the existing system, regardless of the input channel.

    Save time and let the software work for you.

    With the AI-based software solution NOVO CxP you can automatically process invoices in a matter of seconds. The software relieves your employees of tedious routine tasks and speeds up processes significantly. This is how you can offer your insured persons a quick service.

  • From now on you don't have to worry about it anymore.

    The intelligent software solution NOVO CxP automatically analyzes incoming invoices according to a defined set of rules, recognizes and extracts relevant content for you, assigns the process to the right business process and specialist area. The invoices are also signed and archived in compliance with the law. A payment can also be triggered automatically.

    Achieve a high level of dark processing and use your employees for other value-added work.

Your Advantages

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    90% cost savings

    You can achieve 90% cost savings through more efficient business processes in automated invoice processing.

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    High dark processing

    Reduce manual activities - with automatic validations, you can automate your entire bookings continuously - without manual intervention.

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    Easy integration

    With our standard solution, the effort for integration and embedding in your existing company processes can be done in one step.

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    Reduction personnel costs

    Your employees are freed and your personnel costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

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