Customer Communication on all Channels

  • Customers now have more digital channels to communicate in comparison to a few years ago. Traditional communication channels such as letter, telephone and fax, are increasingly being replaced by digital post(email), social media, web portals, and apps.

    In order to offer high quality customer service across all contact channels, organizations must be integrated into a uniform dialogue management system.

    Email has nearly replaced all paper mail as the primary form of communication intra company and externally to customers. Email and other digital communications channels encompass a wave of new formats such as audio and video files. This digital currency flow sets high standards for maintaining security, quality, and flexibility of the solutions. With NOVO CxP you are able to react flexibly and quickly to these requirements.

    The uniform and structured collection of information as we describe it, "omni-channel" solutions are covered centrally by our intelligent platform NOVO CxP. NOVO CxP makes your data consumable, available, and relevant.

    • Manual work?

      Many companies still use cumbersome and labor-intensive processes for scanning and archiving. These tasks, like classification and validation, are laborious and time-consuming because the information must be extracted manually. Entire departments are busy and "wasting" valuable time, which could be utilized to generate revenue for the core business.

    • This does not have to be!

      inovoo helps you to automate inbound processing no matter which way the documents arrive. All input channels are fully integrated into your business process workflows and your service quality is improved.

The solution: Innovative multi-channel management

  • Our product portfolio supports many organizations world wide. Health insurance companies particularly benefit from converting their previous paper-based communication workflows to a desired digital communication workflow with email, web and mobile direct to archive. Input management for all digital channels to workflow management processes to automatic response management for the desired output.

    And you save time and money through automation!

Your Advantages

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    All input channels

    You can communicate with your customers easily and without media discontinuity across all input channels.

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    Reduction processing costs

    More efficient dialogue management can dramatically reduce your processing costs.

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    Easy integration

    The integration and embedding in your existing company processes is very easy.

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    Reduction of staff costs

    Your staff will be freed up and your personnel costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

Further solutions for the healthcare industry

    • Automated Email Processing
    • Automated Invoice Processing
    • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows
    • Individual Apps
    • Rudolf Mattausch — Leader IT

      "The expectations of our insured are high. The software solution NOVO CxP helps us to save time during the processing by a high dark processing rate, so that we can give the insured much more timely a feedback - even with ambiguity."