Optimize your customer communication via app

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  • Are you a health insurance company that is looking for an app and wants to successfully digitally map and optimize business processes? Then you are exactly our type.

    We are specialists when it comes to the development and programming of professional mobile enterprise apps. And in a short time - with our software solutions NOVO Mobile and NOVO App-Studio, development times / costs can be reduced by 70% compared to traditional app projects.

  • Once you decide which processes should be matched digitally to a mobile, then you can offer your customers a value added service.

    Corporate mobile apps allow your employees and customers to access complex business functions and backend systems.

    This increases throughput and your chances for success.

Data protection is very important

  • Secure data transmission: Sensitive customer data and documents are transferred to your internal data center via a secure transmission path (256-bit / https AES encryption) and forwarded to the corresponding downstream systems for further processing.

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  • Just one step in development

    With the integrated Microsoft technology xamarin, NOVO Mobile enables the development of IOS and Android apps in one development step. This cross-platform development saves time and at the same time increases quality.

  • Many interfaces

    NOVO Mobile operates a variety of interfaces to common systems such as Governikus, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Salesforce, SAP, WILKEN, XiTrust and much more. as well as the common databases MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

  • Hybrid app

    The result: The perfect combination of a native app with the addition of existing web content (so-called hybrid app) offers the user information when he wants, and where he wants it.

Your Advantages

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    • Time to Market

      Get your apps up and running 80% faster (compared to a traditional app project).

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    • Vision to Market

      Our individual app development enables you to implement your visions quickly and easily: "What you see is what you get" with the common design and the functions of the app.

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    • Cost savings

      Save 70% on creation and operating costs compared to traditional app development.

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    • Security & data protection

      Security and data protection are a matter of high importance for us and are always certified so that your data remains safe and protected.

Facts about mobile apps

    • Growth market apps

      Apparently consumers are not getting enough of mobile applications. The numbers are impressive: With a view to 2022, the market expert App Annie, for example, predicts growth of 45% (compared to 2017) in annual mobile app downloads of 258 billion.

    • Cautious use of portals

      The result of a study in which 2,102 statutory health insured persons between the ages of 18 and 65 were interviewed: Fund members are often not aware of whether their health insurance company offers a customer portal. Up to 80% of respondents to the respective health insurance companies think that no customer portal is offered, even though it does exist.

    • Problem areas of an app

      The effort in developing an app around the design and content is very high. Furthermore, the connection to company processes and the maintenance of the app are often not easy.

      Trust us: Here we are experts and support you.

Look at different apps

Launch apps quickly and easily

  • 1. Vision

    Apps with business functions should facilitate communication with customers and accelerate internal processes.

    To do this, they must be integrated into an overall process or digitization strategy. Apps can also speed up decisions and processes. In order to be used, they have to offer added value and be sexy at the same time.

  • 2. Design

    Individual designs are developed based on the customer's CI with finished building blocks. The focus is on the connection between design and function. The user interface must be uniform across platforms (iOS and Android). Shapes and colors are based on the customer's public appearance. Design suggestions are worked out and communicated professionally.

  • 3. Integration

    The design drafts for iOS and Android are implemented analogously. Interfaces to external systems or process workflows must be implemented in a function-oriented and performance-optimized manner. Existing services are used and sophisticated security systems are used.

  • 4. Operation

    The hybrid app is operated analogously for iOS and Android. It is available in the public stores, but can also be used purely in-house. Communication is encrypted by default, texts are managed in their own CMS.

Example: Bonus program in an app

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    • Oliver Krause — Head of "digital service window" project

      “It seems like our customers were really expecting selfservice functionality from us. At least, that‘s what we are realizing from the rising number of registrations and the number of people using our BMW BKK app.”

Further solutions for the insurance industry

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    • Automated Email Processing
    • Automated Invoice Processing
    • Digital Approval and Signature Workflows