• Submit, approve and process invoices on your smartphone or tablet

    Location-independent, quick and simple

    • NOVO Invoice Booster is an app-based solution for processing all of a business’ incoming invoices – from anywhere, on a mobile device. Invoice processing includes the following functions.

    • The Invoice Booster App allows you to simply photograph invoices using your smartphone or tablet's camera function, or load them into the app from your device's internal storage.


Product Demonstration

    • Screenshot 1 Invoice positioning
    • Screenshot 2 Crop Invoice
    • Screenshot 3 Invoice Data extraction
    • Screenshot 4 Invoice Approval
    • Screenshot 5 Invoice Transmission
    • Screenshot 6 Invoice receipt


    • Faster invoice processing
    • Location-independence
    • Integrates fully into your ERP systems
    • A ready-to-use solution for all input channels
    • White-label app – Customized to meet your design specifications
    • Save mailroom resources
    • Integrate ApplicationXtender: Automatically apply legal retention requirements
    • Automatic handover and approval of book entries

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