Fast and easy smartphone payments?

  • Are your customers taking their time to send payments? Why not let them complete the process quickly and easily wherever they are? With NOVO Capture, your customers can use any digital device to do just that.

  • All they need to do is photograph the completed remittance slip and send it to your company using an app.

NOVO Mobile - Photo App



    • Self-service for the customer – just photograph documents
    • Automatic cropping function
    • Automatically captures and extracts transaction data

Advantages to your business

    • Integrates with existing information processes and infrastructure
    • Image enhancement
    • Integrated self-service functionality to improve business processes
    • Customers check data themselves, reducing error rates
    • Send documents from any location
    • Avoid record fragmentation
    • Less work for staff, reducing costs

Advantages to your customer

    • Allows fast interaction
    • Send documents easily
    • “Real-time” communication

Target group

  • Businesses with a large amount of B2C contact, in industries as diverse as insurance, banking, energy, logistics, retail and many more

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