• Turn mountains into molehills!

    Scanning in color or black & white? - With NOVO PDF Compression, you can create color PDF documents which require only one tenth of their original storage space, without any drop in quality



    • Reduce the size of all document types – even born digital ones
    • Output as standard PDF or PDF/A
    • Validate PDF/A compliance
    • Compress color and black/white images
    • Thumbnail images option
    • Add XML metadata to a PDF document for digital archiving
    • Encrypt and decrypt PDF documents
    • “Hidden text” feature for OCF files
    • Add bookmarks to PDFs
    • Watermarking

Advantages to your business

    • Scalable, high-quality images with small file sizes
    • Better color quality than traditional compression techniques
    • Reduced storage requirements
    • Only one scanning workflow required
    • Applicable to input, output and email management as well as mobile communications

Target group

  • Businesses with a high level of B2C contact, in sectors as diverse as insurance, banking, energy, logistics, retail and many more.

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