• inovoo offers modular solutions. Solutions that can be quickly implemented without requiring lengthy IT projects. Our product portfolio supports all modern input channels (mail, fax, email, De-Mail, social, mobile etc.). You benefit from holistic solutions which make your day-to-day work easier and more efficient.

    Another advantage: the user can do a great deal of the work themselves – as much as they like, in fact.  Thus, the increasing use of artificial intelligence and self-learning tools will make solutions smarter over time, increasing profits.

Be there for your customers on every channel

  • Thanks to consumers‘ increasing usage of modern media, what used to be a fairly one-sided conversation with the customer (Digitization 1.0) is now becoming an automated, digital multimedia dialog (Digitization 2.0). inovoo‘s products receive structured and unstructured data from a wide range of channels and in many different formats, evaluate the content and output it to downstream processes in a standardized format. All media formats are captured, enabling a 360-degree view of the customer and improving customer service. 

  • Digitization that pays for itself: By using inovoo products, our customers can effortlessly achieve highly profitable digitization rates, increase black-box processing and reduce processing and operational costs.

    inovoo’s solutions streamline business processes. Transparency is maximized and the quality of communications remains consistently high. Processing times are reduced and employees are relieved of repetitive work, allowing them to focus fully on customers’ important and challenging requirements.